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  1. Recommendation advice

    Honestly there's no way we could know how much this would impact your application without seeing the contents of the letter and how everything is framed. the PI could be great at framing ands committees get an image of a genuine eager grad student. Or conversely he could give them a lukewarm impression of you. Best thing is to ask him how he'd view receiving a letter like that for a potential grad student. It wont give you a full picture but possibly a better idea. Or, you know, you could find another letter writer if possible....
  2. Anxious Nervous Scared About Starting Grad School

    It's hella stressful! I start next week and I feel like a complete fraud. But i I know imposter syndrome is particularly strong when you first start and when you're about to end grad school so don't worry
  3. Fall 2018 Counseling Psych (PhD/Masters)

    That's what I've seen for PhD programs as well but for mine the cohort this year only has BA/B.S. degrees so you may break the mold! Feel free to pm if you have any questions!
  4. Fall 2018 Counseling Psych (PhD/Masters)

    Why not take a stab at applying to PhD and ma programs? Aside from the unknown GRE your other stats look pretty good. A presentation or pub would help but I still think you may have a shot. Shoot you aren't that old XD Most applicants are around that age nowadays.
  5. Unconventional Routes To Psy Ph.D.

    A post-bac gpa is usually separate and yes just like research lady said mst are unfunded but not all as some programs have a required research component where you become a paid RA. In this case or for a master's I doubt they'd disregard your uGPA but it may help offset it somewhat . Extending your undergrad time is an option as well but I would only do so if there is a lab that you feel you can do a decent amount of high quality work and can get financial aid. Some people who have the finances and a clear goal move to work in the lab that they ultimately really want to apply to as to become a known factor to admissions committee. But the best combo I think is working as an RA after undergrad and taking classes. Psychology is not a field worth taking out a lot of debt for. Do you have an idea of which programs you're aiming for? Fully funded vs. partially (Not recommended) funded? Competitiveness of the program? (Ie chapel hill or Harvard vs alliant university). I don't believe in official rankings like first vs third but quality of programs do vary.
  6. Unconventional Routes To Psy Ph.D.

    Why not do a post-bac/masters to get the required classes out of the way? Many schools have a required number of credits done as a psych major so if you don't have those then you may have some difficulty with enrollment. Also, do you have a projected gre score? Because you'll need a high one to offset a lower gpa. And, IMO, solid rec letters aren't enough for clinical psych anymore. Can you take a year or two off?
  7. No reasearch experience is going to be a tough sell for any legitimate American clinical psycholoy programs or higher tier social psych programs (the same for Canada I've heard). 2 years is the minimum I'd recommend and maybe a year if you have very high gpa/gre scores. This is mostly because these field are so competitive that it doesn't make sense to take someone with no research experience over an applicant who's already learned how to help run an entire lab. I would say take off 2 years, find a paid research position (which allows you to save some money for app fees and interview travel), get yourself on 2 posters or preferably a publication and then apply. HTH!
  8. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I had to unsubscribe from one of my favorite youtubers because of some racist crud he said during an interview. Like dude you qualify as a POC if you haven't noticed but you're bringing some inflammatory statements to the table :/ I didn't raise a stink, just unsubscribed. Other subs on the channel loved to throw the 'you're overreacting' line at anyone that called out the youtuber's questionable stats but my mindset was 'this fools is so sure that because of [skin tone/ethnicity] I'm more likely to [insert illegal activity here]? Nope, nope, nope!' Also kinda peeved that the grad student space I saw during the interview process was not the actual space I'll be working in :/ But what can you do?
  9. Grad School Freakout Time

    Your stats are fine and your research looks good. Focus now on fit with the POI and framing your experiences as a valuable assets in making you a competitive applicant at that lab. And for goodness sake breathe! Where are you looking to apply? Pm if you don't feel comfortable posting publicly but if I'm familiar with the program I can give you more info.
  10. Psyd Application Advice

    Most PhD students in clinical and counseling go into practice rather than research or academia. And I know quite a few that are balanced or heavier in clinical over research, UNC Greensboro being one. Theres a guide that ranks how clinical or research heavy many programs are and if I find it I'll post a link.
  11. How much research experience should I have?

    A high gpa/gre can offset a smaller amount of research experience of the got between you and a POI is very good. But giving you a hard number of years is difficult because it varies a lot. I say a safe number is 2 years but I know people with 1 so...
  12. Difference Between Psy.D and PhD in Clinical Psychology?

    Doesn't matter which you choose. As long as you go to a reputable school with great training you'll be equipped to be a therapist or an academic. There are also easier ways to become a therapist than to go the PhD or PsyD route...
  13. Fall 2018 Counseling Psych (PhD/Masters)

    I know it's expensive but if this is really your dream expanding to 5 schools at least will be worth the extra $600. I don't come from money either but even counseling programs are getting more competitive.
  14. So you're right that your interests fall into multiple categories and honestly I think you can take multiple paths and still reach the same place. Since you really want to work with brain data then cognitive, clinical neuropsych, or neuroscience would probably be the most straight forward path. A more research oriented counseling program could work but you'll have to comb through their class offerings and find a POI who explicitly does this work. If you enter a grad program to leads to some sort of licensure (clinical neuropsych, counseling, clinical social work, mental health counseling) then it'll probably also be easier to work with people on these skill sets (essentially taking on clients). If you follow the cognitive or neuroscience path then you won't be able to practice (unless you get a lcsw first or something) but you can consult to teach people about the practices you develop/adapt. But it sounds like you want to provide treatment rather than just train other clinicians in an intervention and for that you definitely need to be licensed or risk getting into a lot of trouble.
  15. Fall 2018 Counseling Psych (PhD/Masters)

    Ditto I also work with clinical/counseling psychologists in juvenile justice reseach (my previous post doc supervisor was actually a lawyer who became a clinical psychologist and I applied to a few justice focused labs, getting into one of my top choices). I don't think you should worry about a JD hurting your chances and in fact it will probably be a strength. What may be tough is if you don't have enough research experience and applying to only 1 program. Even for the most competitive applicant limiting yourself geographically (especially if its a large city like Boston, Chicago, SF. or NY) and to such a small number is a VERY big gamble. By chance are you applying to NYU? I wish you luck though! Feel free to PM if you have any questions about clinical/counseling programs or Juvenile justice labs!