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  1. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Mine is similar across the board and I had 4 reviewers (different filed - psych) and I believe they try to distribute somewhat evenly over disciplines to an extent but if there are an overwhelming amount of fundable apps from one group they may move slots. This is speculation but it seems this way. Still your scores are fantastic and I hope we both hear better news next go around!
  2. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Yep 4 and I'm surprised at the variability. Though i'm not sure how the individual scores are aggregated. So is it an average of all reviewers? Or will one 'you suck' completely tank 4 'you're pretty awesome!'?
  3. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    I can see them and I already want to have a heart to heart with reviewer 4. Like who hurt you sir and why are you taking it out on me??
  4. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Whelp flat out rejection. Hope everyone else has better luck and if you won and are wiling to DM me your materials I'd super appreciate it! Social sciences (psychology and sociology are closest) but anything would be extremely valuable.
  5. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    In New York and haven't received anything yet but as my modules haven't changed I'm assuming I didn't get it Congrats to the winners and ONWARD TO NEXT YEAR!!
  6. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Got this from the NSF thread (who are also freaking out too)
  7. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    So I don't want to rain on parades but I remember having access to this before (like a month or so ago) and it would take me to my application. So I'm not sure what that could mean.
  8. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Mine looks the same so gonna brace myself for the bad news and focus on schoolwork/research. No use getting worked up now.
  9. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Haven't heard anything, rejection or otherwise. I have next year to re-apply but I've already had 2 apps rejected so feeling salty Regardless of how it turns out I'm having a white Russian or some wine!
  10. 8BitJourney

    Invite to Interview - No schedule?

    Ditto with what the above poster said. For many of my interviews we didn't get an interview itinerary beforehand either. Heck we had to change one of mine mid interview day as a winter storm hit. Just bring snacks, water, wear comfy shoes, and read up on your POI and skim a few other faculty. You'll be fine
  11. 8BitJourney

    Advise for my upcoming interview

    Hi all, I went through this process twice (came out with accepts from 2/3 of my top programs this time around) and what I found that I did differently was that I was way less nervous and let the conversation unfold organically. This definitely means reading over their most recently published work and paying particular attention to the methods, results and the next steps they propose in the discussion (got waitlisted at one school for this XD because I was neck and neck with another applicant so this had to be our tie-breaker). But I found that for all of my in-person interviews it was more of a conversation rather than a q & a. Have questions but I don't suggest just throwing at them rapid fire one after the other; really get in-depth on crucial concepts if you can. Another tip: think of your own study and a hypothesis+methods you would use for it. I had this come up both times I applied. It doesn't have to be super sophistication and grant application worthy just somewhat relevant to your PIs work to show that you did your homework. Good luck!
  12. 8BitJourney

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I was last round but I remember that USC notified by this time already. Harvard is not very forthcoming about the process so my best advice is to be optimistic but realistic particularly when considering the stats or their usual admitted student.
  13. 8BitJourney

    POI out until after the deadline -- WWYD?

    The best thing would be to email the department as they normally have some say in whether faculty can take a new student that year.
  14. 8BitJourney

    2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Ughh my 4th LOR is MIA meaning only 3 for me. Just need to finish the verification form and wait till march (is it march?). Fingers crossed.

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