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  1. Invite to Interview - No schedule?

    Ditto with what the above poster said. For many of my interviews we didn't get an interview itinerary beforehand either. Heck we had to change one of mine mid interview day as a winter storm hit. Just bring snacks, water, wear comfy shoes, and read up on your POI and skim a few other faculty. You'll be fine
  2. Advise for my upcoming interview

    Hi all, I went through this process twice (came out with accepts from 2/3 of my top programs this time around) and what I found that I did differently was that I was way less nervous and let the conversation unfold organically. This definitely means reading over their most recently published work and paying particular attention to the methods, results and the next steps they propose in the discussion (got waitlisted at one school for this XD because I was neck and neck with another applicant so this had to be our tie-breaker). But I found that for all of my in-person interviews it was more of a conversation rather than a q & a. Have questions but I don't suggest just throwing at them rapid fire one after the other; really get in-depth on crucial concepts if you can. Another tip: think of your own study and a hypothesis+methods you would use for it. I had this come up both times I applied. It doesn't have to be super sophistication and grant application worthy just somewhat relevant to your PIs work to show that you did your homework. Good luck!
  3. Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I was last round but I remember that USC notified by this time already. Harvard is not very forthcoming about the process so my best advice is to be optimistic but realistic particularly when considering the stats or their usual admitted student.
  4. POI out until after the deadline -- WWYD?

    The best thing would be to email the department as they normally have some say in whether faculty can take a new student that year.
  5. 2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    Ughh my 4th LOR is MIA meaning only 3 for me. Just need to finish the verification form and wait till march (is it march?). Fingers crossed.
  6. Crying in front of professor

    I have though only about a life circumstance (was almost homeless, a family member was battling cancer) that exacerbated a heavy school load. Both supervisors have young children so they were used to handling blubbering messes but regardless they're very emphatic (child psychologists) and never made me feel weird about it though I was embarrassed. I actually made sure I asked other students during interview weekend if they felt comfortable crying in front of their advisor; a strong no without a 'i'm not the type to cry' was generally not a good sign for me.
  7. Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship 2018

    You may get more of a response in 'the bank subforum as there' already a thread there. But yep just trying to finish the supplement.
  8. Fellowships REQUIRED?

    Its probably not that its required to be considered but that 1) it looks good on an applicant to have put out the effort and 2) some fellowships require budgeting and departments need time in advance to help set up channels with the fundng source.
  9. Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans - 2017/18

    Oh also from previous years it seems like those contacted for interviews were asked not to disclose till a certain time so most likely it wont be posted publicly here.
  10. Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans - 2017/18

    If its' good news we'll be getting a phone call over the next 2 weeks. Bad news and it'll be an email. Haven't heard yet unfortunately but I'm waiting till the 8th until I count myself out!
  11. Fall 2018 Psych PhD Interviews (not clinical)

    I wouldn't suggest until after the new year unless there was a stated notification deadline listed on the program website that has passed already. Its tough I know (I went through the process twice) but hang in there.
  12. Fall 2018 Developmental Psychology Interviews/Applications

    There's already a psych thread...You may get more responses there.
  13. Clinical PhD Rankings?

    This is somewhat tangential but I can see this possibly serving as a source of conflict for you throughout the interview process and graduate career. PI's and programs want to see autonomy in their students and if your parent's are over involved in your life as an adult, regardless of culture, this could raise some red flags (ie parent's accompanying a student to interview day or social functions for applicants). More relevant is that more so than rankings you have to focus predominantly on fit. You can adore top ranked schools like Harvard/UCLA/Chapel Hill but if fit isn't there you'll either a) not get an interview/be accepted or; b ) be accepted but be miserable in the program for 5 - 6 years. I understand needing to respect your parents (I'm from a culture with similar viewpoints and took forever to get my parents out of a 'its MD or bust' mindset) but you need to balance that with respecting your independent growth and development.
  14. 2018 Ford Predoctoral Fellowship

    You can only submit transcripits and other supps after you submit. Go back to the portal that you originally created the application inn and you should be able to view it. While you won't be able to edit the essays or information page you should be able to edit the supplementary information section.