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  1. In case people were interested in this year's top line statistics. "This year, the Institute of International Education, which administers the awards on behalf of NSEP, received 851 applications from undergraduate students for the Boren Scholarship and 244 were awarded; 273 graduate students applied for the Boren Fellowship and 106 were awarded." April 17, 2019
  2. kbui

    Boren 2018-2019

    @malubra I would say don't worry too much about your GPA as it's only one number in your application, and you can use lots of other numbers to balance it out. For example: 200 hours in community service, 180 hours in research on nuclear proliferation, 50 hours in research on North and South Korean conflict resolution, etc. These can sometimes be more meaningful than a GPA, though if you have low grades in critical courses that relate to what you're proposing in your Boren essays, then it might be a bigger issue. However, getting a C in Philosophy or B- in General Biology wouldn't be such a big
  3. Looking at previous forum topics, it seems like there are a few people every year on here applying for this highly competitive fellowship. I'm thinking of applying, and so wanted to build a community here with others to share our experiences.
  4. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    Could someone link me to the list of awardees? Nevermind, found it. https://www.borenawards.org/fellowships/2017-boren-fellows
  5. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    Actually, I think because I'm going to move soon that I wrote down my parents' address. They just sent it to me. The new logo does not reflect the prestigiousness and class that the old one brought.
  6. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    Hmm. Still nothing.
  7. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    Not yet. Maybe tomorrow? And you're in Boston?
  8. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    I was kind of looking forward to some physical documents, maybe like a signed note of our acceptances. But I guess everything is online now.
  9. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    Have people bought plane tickets yet?
  10. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    His accent was horrible. Though I thought the production was pretty good. Not a big fan of the "'desirable' white American man in China" part of the film though.
  11. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    I just watched the required video for the orientation, and it is so dramatic. This is the link to the agenda for the day in case you're interested.
  12. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    I am so excited! I can't do any work because I keep on thinking about this. Anybody have the same experience?
  13. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    And @SwissMister, did you hear back yet?
  14. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    I'm really glad to hear that it went well for her. I'm imagining what I would do if my mother was going through the same thing, and it's heart wrenching just to think about it. So excited for all of us in the Cafe who got it! And for those who didn't receive it, I feel your pain. I was rejected from Fulbright three times and Harvard once before I got in, and so there's still a lot of hope for those who are persistent. I remember I was feeling so down on myself because I just spent 3+ months on each application, and it wasn't fruitful. I felt so sad and disappointed, and I remember th
  15. kbui

    Boren 2017-2018

    And congratulations @ladyben-kenobi, I was rooting for you to get it! Are you excited? What decision will you make?
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