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  1. I was planning on going to Yonsei's language school for 4 semesters (so a year) I'm going to Korea this summer anyways so if I get chosen I wonder what will happen haha will I have to fly to D.C. then fly back to Korea? I wonder Anyways GOOD VIBES
  2. For anyone who is a alternate My advisor just emailed me and he said that the Boren has a high drop rate because of funding so keep hope! I know the person at my school that got it last year was also an alternate so its possible
  3. I am also an alternate for korean!
  4. Got the email about the budget!! I wonder if really did everyone get it
  5. I went through the Foundation for Korean Culture the first time then I went through exchange at Yonsei!
  6. I applied for Korean! I've studied aboard in Korea twice but I'm super nervous because my GPA isn't that great
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone is applying for the Boren Scholarship/Fellowship this time around! I am a Junior applying for Korean in (duh) Korea, I am majoring in Political Science with minor in National Security. I have studied in Korea two times already (at Kyunghee University in the summer of 2014 and at Yonsei for the 2016-2017 school year) but my Korean is seriously lacking. I am really scared because I have a GPA on the lowish side, but a do have more experience than the average person and I am really passionate about IR in East Asia. What is everyone applying
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