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  1. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god....... I'm a Pickering Finalist... I don't believe it. Seriously. I think this is a mistake. I've tried so many times now, is this even possible??? @ayasofaya I'm so sorry! I was hoping to get to meet you at the interview day, somehow. You have to keep trying. Seriously. I hope the Fulbright ETA comes through for you, but even so, congratulations on your grad school results, you're doing amazing. I know just how this moment feels, after waiting so long, and having so much pinned on it, and I want you to know that you're awesome and all of your hard work will pay off somehow/somewhere.
  2. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    You're welcome, @KitKat99! I really like your avatar, by the way. Pusheen is the cutest!
  3. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Last year was March 29th, the year before that March 27th. So I'd assume we're not looking at this week. :3
  4. @DogeWeirdly enough, my answer would normally be no because of distance, but I'm actually in DC that day doing an interview as a finalist for my fellowship... so if I somehow have time, I'd love to. I doubt I have time though, because it's an all day interview process. XPP Congratulations on Columbia and UIUC! I told you you were going to smash it! <3 What are you thinking about/leaning towards? Do you have all your financial aid packages yet? One of my concerns is that Georgetown probably gives out financial aid packages in their official letter off the site, and the fact that they don't mention funding at all in mine probably means I didn't get any funding. Otherwise they at least would have mentioned that they were sending them out later, you'd think... Or I think... Ahhhhh.
  5. Oh my gosh! Congratulations everyone! You're all so amazing. I just heard from Georgetown, today, too. I'm in! But no word on financial aid, so it might not matter. XPPP I'm in a potential dilemma, as I'm also a finalist for an IT fellowship, which would necessitate me going somewhere other than the Georgetown program. But I decided early on to go where the money is, so if I get funded I'll be thankful and go wherever I have to go. I hope that means the Georgetown MAERES program, but we'll see. It's so cool hearing about all of your options and the things you've all been doing. Congratulations on all these opportunities and I hope we all get lots of funding offers!
  6. From what I know, summer FLAS are sometimes available to outside-students in places where the host school doesn't have enough applicants of their own. And this, usually, only for the most understudied languages under the FLAS umbrella. I've never heard of it being offered for an academic year FLAS, and honestly I've only seen the summer FLAS given to students studying at FLAS-sites who themselves come from a university without FLAS. But that's just my experience!
  7. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya My gosh, that took forever to find. It got lost in a random folder somewhere on my gmail, which isn't usually my main email. Thanks! Also, I have good news!!! The results went out today for the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship Finalists, and I'm one of them! I'll be going to DC in April for the interviews/written test! The odds are still pretty slim, only 5 people will be selected in the end (out of 10 finalists). But I'm trying to let myself be excited today before I devolve into worrying. Somehow I thought it'd take longer for the results to come out, so now my patience is shot and I want to hear back from the Pickering already...
  8. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Wait! When did you get that, Friday? What email did it come under? I haven't received anything other than the first alert that the application was submitted... Gosh, I hate wait like this. XP
  9. @Doge, Congratulations!!! That's so great! You'll have tons of options now! Here's hoping to some fantastic aid packages. @lawine Congratulations on Wisconsin! I really love Wisconsin-Madison and the program there is really snazzy. <3 February does seem slowww, though I'm really waiting until the middle of March for most of my information. Ughhh. Why do I do this to myself?
  10. Georgetown doesn't officially say anything during the process, as far as I've been told. So the only thing you can do is check the online portal to see if they received everything. Other than that, it's a long wait to late February or early March. I don't know how many applicants they typically get, but @Doge is correct, the incoming class is something between 12-30 students at most. Also! Congratulations, Doge! One acceptance down, and plenty more to come!
  11. Critical Language Scholarship 2018

    @busybee I've heard from two other people I know that they're in the same boat. This happened last year too, it's a technicial error with how they send out emails. The official stance is that this is completely random and not at all an indication of the results. I remember a girl in my group last year who ended up receiving the scholarship after email delays like this. So don't give up hope, as hard as that is! I'm sorry the person you talked to was so brusque, I think they may be getting a lot of calls about this right now. Though why they can't just tell people over the phone at this stage is beyond me!
  12. Oh my gosh, that's a ton of applications! Congratulations on surviving! Wow. :3 I think your advisor was correct, to spread it out like that, but I don't envy your work load. And yes, 500 words was so tough! I'm not sure I did anything to explain why they should pick me specifically, but it's pretty difficult with all the other things they want you to discuss. Your interests sound super snazzy! And widely applicable, too! Hopefully some of those schools see that. It's amazing that you got to do that much in your undergrad. My resume is a bit all-over the place, to be honest. My undergraduate focus was Turkish Studies, as in Turkey, but it swiftly grew from there. I really only have experience with Turkey and Azerbaijan, but my academic interests are the Turkic world. So, yes, from Turkey to Uyghuristan. Mostly I'm interested in pan-Turkism, questions of Turkishness and identity, nationalism, and especially how linguistics plays into all of these subjects. I applied to Georgetown because I'm looking for a professional program rather than a purely academic masters. I don't intend on going on to a PhD, and Georgetown would allow me to polish my area studies knowledge/language skills while also continuing with my tech background. I've actually also applied to some Data Science/IT programs coming from the other angle, at places where I could still take Turkish, but my first choice is Georgetown. I'm seriously so glad you posted this topic, I've yet to find anyone interested in the same programs! Now we can freak out together.
  13. Fun Post: Best and Craziest Backup Plans

    I'm so not in the Psychology field, but this topic is too good to pass up on. Best: Get a job at a Study Abroad company and cry over student-as-number's type scenarios for a year before applying again. Crazy Plan: Go volunteer at a Buddhist Monastery for a year and finally get good at practicing mindfulness, turn off all electronics, focus on coming to terms with myself and the world. (For those interested, yes, sometimes you can trade a needed skill for room-and-board at monasteries or similar places. For me it'd be I.T./website help, some people cook, do carpentry, farming, etc.) Is it bad that I've already fully researched my crazy back up plan?
  14. @Doge This is my first year applying! From past experience, there aren't usually that many people on GradCafe in this area of study, but hopefully someone will have some advice for you! Is it safe to assume that you're more on the Russian side of things if you've applied to the REECA program at the Davis Center? Did you apply anywhere else? I just finished up my application for Georgetown's MAERES, and while I'd planned on two other schools (Indiana-Bloomington's CEUS and Wisconsin-Madison's CREECA) I had some unforeseen circumstances that kept me from applying elsewhere. This is more of an experimental year, I suppose, unfortunately.
  15. Critical Language Scholarship 2018

    They're usually in batches, some languages are earlier some later, sometimes even within languages they can batch up. So don't fear if you don't have an email yet! Congratulations to those of you who've moved forward! CLS is really tough! So if you didn't get through, please keep in mind that you're not alone. It took me three tries before I got through to the finals my first time.