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  1. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Last year they didn't send out any alerts, it's a bit weird, but that's how it works. If you have a concern you can email them and check. The portal just closes and that's how you know it all went through. :3
  2. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    I just really want my new OPI score from CLS to come tomorrow so I can have a more current language proficiency rating. Ahhh. But other than that, I finally finally finally got the whole thing triple-checked and made sure everything was uploaded/in the right place. I'm done!
  3. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Good thing too, there's not much time left. Good luck with these last few days!
  4. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @Amanda Libby One is done, the one I thought would take the longest. Somehow the other one I'm still waiting on. But I'm not super stressed, I've asked the person before for LOR's and I know it'll get there. The issue was that they had a lot of trouble getting the email so that wasted some time. I'm having trouble still getting a financial aid statement from my school about my last year of financial aid. I asked the Rangel folks and they'd prefer a formal letter, not something off my school's portal, and since I'm no longer on campus my financial aid office isn't too inclined to respond to my requests. I'm not sure what I'll do if they don't get back to me soon.
  5. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Congratulations! I'm sitting okay at 600, but I can't get rid of the vague sense of unease about the level of polish on this essay. It's just so different having someone you trust is good at editing and who understands the topic and the process looking things over.
  6. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    It'll only get worse from here, sad to say. From my experience at least. Haha. Waiting for the response is terrible. That being said, there's not much we can do! So remember that you've tried your best and that's sort of that. Come here to complain or worry-post or excited-post and we'll try to keep each other together! On that note, do you all have an idea for which cone you're most interested in? How about grad school interests? For me, I am applying mostly to area studies programs for Eurasian/Central Asian studies. I focus on the Turkic world in particular. I'm most interested in Consular because of a lot of reasons but it probably boils down to having the most one-on-one human interactions with host country nationals. Consular is a bit more granular from what I know, and I appreciate that, on top of the language focus.
  7. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    I've got the same issue. Once out of school you suddenly realize how wonderful it was to have all those people ready to read things. For me I've settled for grammar/cohesive checks from people I know have a strong grasp on the language. That's my best bet for where I'm located right now. If you can find some other students that could be helpful, especially someone who tangentially knows something about the field. But as stated before, this essay is kind of a hit or miss, no one is very sure what exactly is being looked for. So write the best you can and hope for the best! Haha, I realized after I asked that it could be a name. Ayasofya is the Turkish name for Hagia Sofia, it's actually difficult for me to remember there's an English alternative. It was just such a coincidence I couldn't stop myself!
  8. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Yup! From what I've been told it's important to include concrete numbers in the financial statement because it's intended to be less of a sob story so to speak and more of a responsible financial planning essay. If you have good people editing, I would send your essay to them! You never know, it might turn out that there's a lot that can be cut. The first edit is often where you pare down to your core argument. Just let them know you're trying to cut down and see what they say. Also, out of curiosity, what's your username stand for if you don't mind me asking? It makes me think of Ayasofya in Turkey. :3
  9. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Of course. How are all of your applications going? Do any of you need anything? I'm pretty much just tinkering trying to edit things at this point.
  10. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @satan1993 So I somehow misplaced my specific info, but the basics are that the Rangel/Pickering usually receive around 400 applicants though there's been an up-tick in the past few years. Of those, 60 are chosen to interview and 30 become finalists. For the Pickering they chose 40 graduates/20 undergraduates for the interview and then 20 graduates/10 undergraduates become finalists. Payne has always been more competitive, but it's also a much more focused program. You can bet that most Rangel applicants will also apply to the Pickering, but not all will want to or be eligible for the Payne. @ayasofaya I wouldn't worry much about your undergraduate degree. So long as you took difficult courses, plan on taking a pertinent masters, and can highlight yourself and the skills you have it's not a big deal at all. I don't come from an IR background either, and I know of several previous finalists who came from many other degree programs. It's less about the name of your program and more about the details, I'd say. So if you have all the intangibles that won't hold you back.
  11. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Hmmm hmm. I had some statistics last year, let me go try and dig them up. Welcome @satan1993! Payne is the most difficult, so Rangel/Pickering have better odds, but let me go find more specifics for you.
  12. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Hello @Amanda Libby, I'm also an applicant this year! It'll be my second time applying to the Rangel, and still no real clue as to how to go about it. I'm working mostly on my essay right now, how about you?
  13. Critical Language Scholarship - 2017 Cycle

    Alternates, don't lose hope, I'm in the process of finalizing my medical forms and I can attest as to my experience last year that accepted students withdraw or are unable to complete their forms for a myriad of reasons. It's a lot of information, and sometimes through the process you realize the program isn't right for your situation or things don't line up correctly. You can never tell what might happen, which is why there's no official date for alternates being bumped up -- it happens as it happens.
  14. Critical Language Scholarship - 2017 Cycle

    I'm a finalist who only got the apology email, so I think this was some sort of error.
  15. Critical Language Scholarship - 2017 Cycle

    Good luck, Jennymerri!