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  1. @mrs12 Haha no worries! And I'm guessing I wasn't their first choice as they only notified me of the Fellowship a few weeks ago, presumably after someone else turned them down lol. But yea good luck on your interview, I'm sure you'll get the fellowship!
  2. @mrs12 Thank you so much! I'm leaning towards Yale rn as they just offered me a 25k fellowship, so it's pretty hard to say no to. Lol I'm guessing someone turned them down for Harvard or Stanford (thanks to whoever that was!) Columbia and Georgetown didn't give me anything so it'll be really expensive, but I'm still gonna go check them out at the open houses. Maybe I'll see you there! (at Georgetown) Sorry for the late reply btw, its been kinda hectic! I'm at the Midwest Slavic Conference rn at OSU, it's a really great event!
  3. Btw both Columbia and UIUC came out and I got into both @mrs12 Are you planning on going to the open house?
  4. Just a heads up for those who applied to Georgetown -- the decisions are out! And I got in!
  5. @Procfev Stanford's decision just came out, check your email. Lol I didn't get in - I guess that makes my decision easier, either Yale, or UT Austin full ride. Unless I get into Georgetown and/or Columbia and they offer me $$
  6. @Procfev Congrats on getting the Harriman interview! I'm not sure about Stanford, but I was expecting it to be later as their deadline was later than the others. Looking at the past decision dates I'd say it'll probably be out within the next couple weeks...? So where else did you apply? And how's Moscow? I was there this time last year
  7. Lol I didn't get in :/ oh well, not super salty about it, still got Yale, and UT Austin w/ full ride. Let's see how I do with Georgetown, Stanford, Columbia, and UIUC lol
  8. @JN53 Will do! Lol still nothing in my inbox and the portal hasn't updated either. And I think I'm probably gonna try to visit Austin and New Haven over spring break to check out the cities and if possible the programs. @lawine Yea I'm honestly surprised and really grateful! And lol yea when I saw the 9 years of experience plus 2 regional languages I was pretty intimidated too haha that's a hell of a profile! Кстати, I just saw someone post that they got waitlisted today on the results section, didn't state their profile though.
  9. @JN53 @lawine Wow congratulations you guys!!! That's incredible! Do you guys mind saying at around what time you guys got the email? I haven't heard anything yet and I've been refreshing my email like every few minutes for the past couple days :/ Ughh I don't wanna jinx it but I'm guessing that's probably not a good sign. Блиннн... At this point I'd be happy with a waitlist tbh... lol
  10. @katieb93 I'm sorry to hear about all this :/ But when I was asking my advisor about applying to grad programs, she said if I don't get into my top choices, a method of gaining entrance is to take graduate classes there as a non-degree student or work as a research assistant for the professors you wanna work with -- this way you would established those relationships that would help you get in.
  11. I'm still waiting to hear back from UIUC! Haha did your profs mention when they're gonna send out decisions? Or if you remember when you heard back when you applied? Just asking cuz their deadline was relatively early (1/1). But I actually applied for the MA in REEES not the European Union Studies program, but I imagine there's a lot of overlap between that program and yours...? The program at Yale also has a wider scope than the other programs -- covering not just CIS/former USSR but also EU -- so I'm guessing it's similar to the program you're finishing up now.
  12. @lawine Oh wow congrats on the Advanced Opportunity Fellowship and 5k for summer research! And thanks for the offer, I'll drop you a line about Wisconsin, but I'm mostly concerned with employability post-MA -- u know it being a terminal degree and all... I have no desire in going further into academia, and instead would like to get a think tank policy gig focused on the region or something in the private sector would be cool too. @ignoredfab Thanks for your input, really appreciate it! I didn't apply to Princeton precisely due to their lack of a formal Master's program, but would've loved
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