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  1. lawine

    100k debt for IR Masters worth it?

    @ZebraFinch Yes - I would absolutely not be pursuing a regional studies master's degree without the funding. I couldn't afford it (or any degree without funding at this point in my career), and I am reluctant to take out loans. Very grateful to have gotten this aid!
  2. lawine

    100k debt for IR Masters worth it?

    Just wanted to jump in here: For undergrad, I double-majored in Russian and IR at an Ivy. I've applied for IR-related graduate programs twice, and while not much on my resume has changed, the funding offers I've received during my second round of applying have increased, in some cases, by more than 100%. The first time, I applied during my senior year of undergrad for Georgetown MSFS, SSP and Columbia SIPA with the expectation that I would only go if I got Pickering. I did not get the Pickering haha. The only money I got was 50% for SSP, and I wouldn't have been able to continue taking Russian there because their "free language classes" policy does not apply to courses above the 300 level. And I didn't have an extra $600 a semester to pay for classes that wouldn't count toward my degree. I reapplied this year for interdisciplinary M.A. program in regional studies. I got full-tuition at Yale, Columbia, and Harvard, with living stipends at two of the programs. I will continue to study Russian and start studying an additional language. I can take policy-focused courses at the Kennedy School (if I choose Harvard) or SIPA (if I choose Columbia). And I will have access to the career services center at either of the three universities. No, I'm not in D.C., but I think the other benefits far outweigh this. TLDR: If you have language skills or a regional focus, applying to area studies programs might be a better bet than generalist IR degrees.
  3. @Procfev I'm also interviewing with Harriman. Not sure to what to expect.
  4. @Doge that’s great aid! @JN53 thanks! Going to come down to $$ I think. Also honestly a bit worried about keeping up in one of these programs. The other results poster for REECA (maybe you?) has nine years work experience and two regional language, which is pretty amazing. Deff want to visit and get a feel for the faculty and programs.
  5. @JN53 Me too! Congratulations. I'm in shock. Hoping funding info will come soon. Got full tuition at Yale, so it's going to be a tough choice.
  6. Princeton doesn't have an M.A. program, unless I'm mistaken. But good point - important to consider the faculty with whom you'd like to write a master's thesis!
  7. @Doge ahhh yayayay congratulations My thought on Yale re funding is that the center and it’s fellowships seem skewed toward PhD students. I’m waiting to hear from Wisconsin on concrete funding details, but I applied for FLAS and have been nominated for one of their Advanced Opportunity Fellowships. Also got 5K for summer research. Ive heard great things about both IU and Wisconsin! I think it comes down to funding and your research interests and post grad plans. I have a phone call with a Wisconsin alum whose teaching at NYU, and I’ve also been in contact with one of their current students. PM if you want to hear more about what they’ve said!
  8. GOt into Yale’s program, but no mention of funding in the letter. Hoping FLAS comes through. Couldn’t really consider it without the funding.
  9. @Doge Congrats on Wisconsin and Kansas! So that's what it sounded like to me re: Columbia. But I also got the sense that this is a relatively new policy - so maybe they didn't go through with it this year? I haven't heard anything from my other schools. I imagine Harvard and Yale will come out the Thursday of the final week in February. That seems to be the norm. With all the waiting, February feels like its dragging haha.
  10. Thank you! Good luck! Feels like February is crawling haha
  11. Great to see more threads devoted to master's applicants. I am not so good at being patient haha. Field/Program: M.A. Eurasian Regional Studies Schools: Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard, Yale, Columbia Status? Interviewed with Harvard, accepted to Wisconsin with potential for full funding, haven't heard anything from Yale or Columbia Good luck everyone!
  12. Got an email from Wisconsin's graduate school saying I was recommended for admissions and needed to send official transcripts! Just relieved that I'll probably get in somewhere! Can't wait to hear from the others.
  13. Hi all. Lurker coming out of the shadows. I applied and interviewed for Harvard’s REECA. They take ten and interviewed around twenty. Would be my top choice, but obviously it’s a long shot! Also applied to Yale, Columbia, and Wisconsin-Madison. I haven’t heard anything from those programs yet, but I chatted with the program director at Columbia and learned they only interview applicants that they’re considering for funding. Goodluck everyone!

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