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  1. No go for me too. Alas! I'm not surprised though; it's geared more toward people of color and I am not (only thing going for me as being a woman I think). Congrats to all that made it through or didn't. <3 Onward to Pickering! (I'll reply to all the rest of the posts in a little bit.)
  2. @mrs12 Awww thanks for saying so! We'll see soon I guess. And yes I plan to apply for the Pickering if I don't get the Rangel. Yeah - I think it'll be nice to know beforehand if we got selected or not. I've heard from past Rangel folk that it was a big complaint because the acceptances didn't go out right with the "need to say 'yes/no' to a school" deadlined that is UGH if you don't know whether you'll have funding or not. We'll see with the GRE. I'm going to try to scrape the money together to give it another go but it's so expensive and there's application fees to start thinking about too. Hopefully you're right but my quant score definitely needs some help still haha. Also that is an adorable dream!!! Hahah. Thankfully though not at all like what the interview is... I hope. LOL. As for schools, I'm thinking around 6. A lot but I do want to keep my options open and give myself a chance of success. We'll see though - it might depend on if I can retake the GRE. Breathe!!! Hehe. I wish I could say I was but thankfully I've got so much other stuff it's been a bit easy to put it to the back of my mind. I find that keeping myself occupied outside of all this helps. Hello Olgraves!! Welcome to the thread. I would think soon for the Pickering. If you're worried you can sign-up to be on their mailing list to get a notification when the application opens.
  3. I'll add to mrs12 that there's another thread and also that I think more applicants than you might think are on the 'untraditional' track. I've been out of school for three years myself - working a boring job and doing a Fulbright - on top of having graduated as a non-traditional age student from undergrad (at the age of 28!). One of the previous Fulbrighters from my country is a Rangel this year and he was working for a year before being accepted. I would say you've got a lot less to be nervous about!
  4. @mrs12 Oh wow, that sounds AWESOME. It's been both interesting and slightly horrifying to hear about what's going on in Turkey right now and I would be so interested in reading/hearing more about your thesis work. And cool!!! Georgetown is my top choice too though I'd be trying for MSFS; how cool would it be if we both ended up there and as Rangel Fellows?? (Though I need to figure out what to do about my GRE - I feel like it's not good enough for Georgetown right now so...UGH.) Anyway - Tufts (MALD) is a close second but we'll see. What I want to do for my thesis work is a little bit odd so I'm still researching other places that would have what I'm looking for. As for Fulbright, I was an ETA! There were some definite hard times and learning curves but mostly it was amazing. I had no history with Indonesia prior, which was part of the point of going. I wanted to learn about a place I'd never been or thought about before and it most definitely delivered. I've learned to love it as much as I do Japan, which was my main focus of study for most of my undergraduate work (and a place I also love dearly).
  5. @mrs12 Of course! Looks like Bandi answered it too but I'll include the email address: lily.lopezmcgee@howard.edu. it looks like it was CC'd to a Cynthia so that might have been a possibility too. I sure hope you found that email!!! I'm all about keeping in touch, sharing knowledge, and keeping our minds off waiting with other stuff. Also of course making new pals. Especially with the whole graduate school ride. It's such a stressful thing that it's nice to have people to talk to going through the same process. Oh man that time and date... Gonna try my best NOT to look at it. Hahah. Focusing on school is tough! I'm kind of glad I waited to deal with all the fellowships/scholarships and graduate school until after I did undergrad. What's your undergrad research on? And where are you interested in applying to graduate school? As for me, I'm post-grad 3 years. Went to work for a bit, did a Fulbright, now it's onto graduate school. I've known about the Rangel & Pickering since undergrad so they've both always been on my radar; it feels weird that I'm finally applying to them after having them in the back of my mind for the last 4 years. @Bandi: I've been working mostly. I'm an English Writing tutor at a local community college at the present moment as well as a weekend caregiver for one set of my grandparents. Thankfully it's all kept me busy enough to not think too much about the fellowship. Though as time's gone by I've gotten a lot better at just 'letting it go' once the application has been sent in. It took me years to get there though! How about you? What are you doing in your post-grad life? And what graduate schools are you thinking about?
  6. Wow crazy! Guess we'll find out in October. (I'm secretly hoping it was less than that too though.. Haha.) Hi Bandi~ Looks like we're the loud ones for the moment here - looking forward to sharing our experiences as we go forward with this thing. Also just got a confirmation email this evening that my application is "moving to our first round of application review." I figured this is their way of saying that I had all the application components and not much else (lol). At least it confirms that everything went through though so I'm happy about that. Hopefully you guys have heard something too!
  7. Yeah it's a little weird how they do it. Guess we'll find out in October! The early application date was so difficult/crazy - I wonder how many people they had apply for it this year because of that....
  8. Hey everybody! Because this forum helped me so much with my Fulbright journey I figured I would stop by and say hello. We're getting down to the wire (I both like but am dreading the earlier due date), so good luck. Look forward to meeting and waiting with all of you folks! Also, alas mrs12 I'm not sure I can help with your questions specifically but I'm going to try to keep it more 'general' and based on my top three schools.
  9. Awesome! One of the new ETAs here. There are also a few other lurking around that I know of. I'm going to message you in a moment with a (slightly) unrelated question I think!
  10. What region? They send out the official registration emails a bit after the save the dates. There's a bunch of information from the website they link you to, it's one with a password.
  11. This is great news. I was worried they wouldn't be paying for this so thanks for the info! Did you get any information about accommodations also or just flights?
  12. Hey sabrinamichelle, East-Asia Pacific here and we've yet to get an email and our orientation is the week before the SSA's (Jun 24th-28th). The program coordinator at IIE mentioned that the invitation email will get sent out this week or next so I imagine yours should be coming after that - aka - around next week or the week after? Hope this helps!
  13. Also on an entirely different note: Have any grantees to the East-Asia Pacific region gotten an email from IIE (or the DoS) regarding the US orientation in June yet?
  14. Hi Titania31! I can't quote on my computer at the moment but in regards to your question - the six week was deadline for you as a pre-grantee to submit the paperwork not for the DoS to approve them. The cogs of government work slowly in this regard so I wouldn't be too worried if you haven't heard from them yet. If there was an issue you probably would have gotten an email or phone call already, so no news so far is good news! I submitted mine the week after you and still have not heard anything either. Hope this helps!
  15. It may take them a bit to get your information into the system. They are also using a new system so there's some glitches. I, for example, didn't show up for a while; my suggestion is if you don't see yourself in a few days email the program manager! They'll direct you toward IT.
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