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  1. Just a few pieces of advice/my opinions: your grades GPA and gre scores are not that important for the fellowship so don't put so much emphasis on it. I know some people want certain things for the grad school program but for the fellowship it's more about your experiences and crafting them into a well written essay. If I were you I would spend more time on the application essays and reaching out to mentors early to help you vs spending more time and money on the GRE UNLESS you wanted a certain score for a program in case the fellowships didn't work out. Again take it with a grain of salt just
  2. Have you ever applied for the GRE waiver at AU? What was your work experience and how many years did you have? I'm thinking about applying for the GRE waiver for the MPA program.
  3. Is anyone else applying to these? Applications are due in about two weeks and the other threads just seem a little quiet compared to previous years. Are there less applicants this year?
  4. I have a green check mark for that section double check it again. Did you fill out the responsibilities box for each entry? Also at the top when you select the amount of entries make sure you complete that number. So if you selected 8 experiences fill out 8 separate entries.
  5. My apps seem to be going fine I just got my letters of rec in this week so I'm finished with everything. Now time to start on grad school apps.
  6. Yeah that's very true I plan on applying for both now. I wonder if it's the same committee for both programs.
  7. @ayasofaya I'm wondering the same thing. I would imagine that there will be more people applying?
  8. Yeah I saw this the other day too. Another update is now the GRE is optional for both programs. Was the deadline different last year?
  9. Hello! I graduated in 2015 and I've been teaching in Korea since. I'll be applying to graduate programs for MPA and I could really use some help on my resume. Can anyone take a look at it and give me some feedback please? If so I can PM it to you. Thanks!
  10. Hi Julius I'm Monica! I'm good I hope you are doing well. I would love to discuss and share ideas with you. I want to start as early as possible as well since I'm in Korea. What's the best way to contact you? I was thinking maybe we could use email, whatsapp, or maybe a google doc to chat and share resources such as study material, tips, etc? What do you think?
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