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  1. Fulbright 2018-2019

    I applied to German ETA and just talked about soccer a lot. I love soccer. It was a no-brainer to me. Instant fan of whatever local team. Done and done. Cliché maybe, but 100% truthful.
  2. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    THIS IS AMAZING AND I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! What did you do differently this year that helped? Actually didn't you skip Pickering last year? It may have just been a better fit than Rangel the whole time.
  3. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    I'm suddenly very stressed out. Not that this was a shoo-in or anything, but the Fulbright ETA just went from something I wanted to something i need. Not only to boost my profile for next year but to approve me to defer admission (has to be SAIS now) so I can have that in my hand at re-apply. The Fulbright ETA and $3,000. Both of which are long shots at the current moment.
  4. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    It's a no on Pickering for me this year :((((((((((
  5. Rangel Fellowship 2018

  6. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Yeah! But at the same time, the grad school decisions were enough drama for a while. Maybe I need to rest.
  7. Fletcher Fall 2018

    I was just saying because I got half acceptances and half rejections. They came in alternating order too so the past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions haha. I'm trying to stay optimistic enough without straying too far off the ground!
  8. Fletcher Fall 2018

    I think they send out interview invitations at the end of the month. I will say that my Pickering essays were much stronger than my Rangels, if only because after writing so many grad applications I learned how to....say things. I was planning on using my grad school decisions as an indication of competitiveness and perception, but as you can see from my signature, that's not proving to be a very helpful strategy haha. Literally anything can happen!
  9. Fletcher Fall 2018

    Well they knew you had the Rangel fellowship before you even applied though. That's what's interesting. I don't know what their policies are in particular, but the email I got from SAIS said they reserve the right to "adjust" my scholarship if I ended up getting substantial external funding. I doubt they would reduce it so far that you wouldn't be able to completely cover expenses though. Especially because the fellowship financials are so transparent. That doesn't add up to me.
  10. Fletcher Fall 2018

    ACCPETED!!! YAY!! I know I wasn't that competitive but was everyone's funding pocket change? I'm seeing a lot of that. Plus they added the two years together to make it seem like more than it actually is.
  11. JHU SAIS 2018

    Oh no.....I hope so!
  12. JHU SAIS 2018

    I was accepted to Bologna with 20k funding! Due to my unrelated background and not having taken Micro/Macro, I knew all of my schools were a long shot, so to be accepted to a top school like this at all is exciting, but getting funding at one is even crazier. Plus they will let you keep the money if you defer, which is a relief since I'm a Fulbright ETA semi-finalist! From what I read above they have some attractive funding-related policies overall. @Ducky91 I'm also waiting to hear from Fletcher but I've learned from this weekend to not be too optimistic.
  13. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    The subject line was "Thank you for submitting a 2018 Pickering application!" from the generic email address. It was Friday morning. I know of at least one person who got it.
  14. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    "We are pleased to inform you.......that your application is under review!" Thanks for that lol
  15. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Well, the email SIPA sent to me today states: When making fellowship decisions, SIPA takes into account academic achievement, professional credentials, and financial need. Most of the information we need, you have already submitted on your application for admission, but the one additional item you should complete for full consideration is the FAFSA. The information collected from the FAFSA will also be used to determine your eligibility for student loans and possible work study jobs. Note the "also" in the last sentence means that the FAFSA is required in federal loan consideration, not just need-based scholarships. I fell like they definitely mentioned it in the application itself, but i submitted for the Jan 5th deadline so I don't have access.