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  1. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 Likewise! We are ready for the waiting game lol
  2. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Yay! Lol @ the image
  3. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Hey! When they complete it the next day the status should change to complete. You will not be notified, it will only change on the actual Rangel website.
  4. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Seems like we are all almost complete with the application process.
  5. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya @mrs12 are your recommendations complete? I'm still polishing the Financial Statement, and have all my attachments good to go. @mrs12 I agree with you the real stress/nervousness will come once all is submitted. Glad we have each other.
  6. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya I'm lightly stressing out, and the deadline is soon approaching.
  7. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Don't worry much about your background. As long as your Graduate degree has to do with International Affairs, you should be ok. In addition, if your work experience covers the Dimensions required to be FSO you will be fine. Google the dimensions is a total of 13 of them.
  8. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @satan1993 Rangel is actually extremely competitive. I think they pick 30 candidates How far alone are you guys? Did you complete your Statement of Interest, and Financial Interest?
  9. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @satan1993 @ayasofaya Welcome Aboard. I don't have much information considering that this is my very first time applying. I found this on youtube, and it's pretty recent with tips and information:
  10. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 Thank you for the response. This is my first time applying; I'm working on my essay, and letters of recommendation. We still have time. Did you reach the interview last year?
  11. Anyone Thinking about Rangel Fellowship

  12. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Hello! Created this Topic, to collaborate with others that are planning to apply for the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program. Did you start the application process?