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  1. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Hello!! I have to admit, I'm a bit anxious now. The waiting game is on harder this week. How are all you guys doing?
  2. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya I already told @mrs12 about this, but if you know another language you can also look into the Consular Fellow program from the state department, google it there is ton of information out there. I actually don't have another plan if I don't get the Rangel. I might not be able to do Pickering due to the same reasons @ayasofaya mentioned. Maybe, I will go ahead and take the FSOT.
  3. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 I totally agree with you. As a first generation I had to figure everything out on my own.
  4. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 Hey there! I noticed it also, and noticed that they kept the GRE scores component. I thought they were going to change that since no need for GRE with Rangel anymore. I have not yet taken the GRE to apply for Pickering :(. Have you all received a Rangel Email confirming the receipt of the application, and the dates of when they are expected to send responses?
  5. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya @mrs12 Same thing here. Got the email, and I also felt a bit embarrassed, but like you guys said they are looking at our applications.
  6. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @Karakoy Welcome to this forum! Thank you for joining. @mrs12 I agree with you, in regards to not reading your submission over, at this point all is done. I did however, made the huge mistake of reading over the profiles of previous Rangels (at the rangel website), and their experiences are so significant. @mrs12 No one knows about the Foreign Service from my circle of friends, so I gave up explaining it to them, and now just say government job, so I keep it super simple.
  7. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 Likewise! We are ready for the waiting game lol
  8. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Yay! Lol @ the image
  9. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Hey! When they complete it the next day the status should change to complete. You will not be notified, it will only change on the actual Rangel website.
  10. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    Seems like we are all almost complete with the application process.
  11. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya @mrs12 are your recommendations complete? I'm still polishing the Financial Statement, and have all my attachments good to go. @mrs12 I agree with you the real stress/nervousness will come once all is submitted. Glad we have each other.
  12. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya I'm lightly stressing out, and the deadline is soon approaching.
  13. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @ayasofaya Don't worry much about your background. As long as your Graduate degree has to do with International Affairs, you should be ok. In addition, if your work experience covers the Dimensions required to be FSO you will be fine. Google the dimensions is a total of 13 of them.
  14. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @satan1993 Rangel is actually extremely competitive. I think they pick 30 candidates How far alone are you guys? Did you complete your Statement of Interest, and Financial Interest?
  15. Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @satan1993 @ayasofaya Welcome Aboard. I don't have much information considering that this is my very first time applying. I found this on youtube, and it's pretty recent with tips and information: