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  1. I want to say that NYU has an actual MS in Data Science. Georgetown also has a policy/data science program and I think Penn does too. I am going to appear bias here because I am a UChicago CAPP, but MSCAPP I believe is the best program out there for policy and data science. MACSS at UChicago is honestly pretty good too, but I think funds are more limited and if there are any interesting MACSS classes you want to take you can just take them as an MSCAPP student. CMU PPM-DA is pretty good too, not as good as MSCAPP, but generally gives a lot more money. I think that many students I kno
  2. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone is planning on applying to health policy or health services research PhDs? I am currently planning on applying to the following programs. I am not sure what the background of typical applicants to these programs look like-- I have a B.A. in economics/mathematics and finishing my M.S. in computer science and public policy. I have been working as an RA at the intersection of social science/health for a while so I am hoping that is enough to establish my credibility in my applications.
  3. Thanks for starting this! I would love to be part of a forum with others in this boat!
  4. To answer your question-- SIPA is likely the easier school to get into, but getting into SIPA with good aid is difficult. Is there a reason for pursuing the dual degree other than for the clout of having two MAs? Public Policy and International Affairs are not all that different, and so I wonder what you gain doing one year at each school as oppossed to two years at either. If your goal is a career in international affairs (UN, WB, WHO), you can't go wrong choosing SIPA. If you want to stay in Singapore I think that it matters less. In America, SIPA has a stronger reputation than Lee Kuan Yew,
  5. Hey-- I am a current MSCAPP student. First off, if you are looking for a program that is more geared towards a non-academic career, then MSCAPP and MSPPM-DA are far better choices than QMSS and MACSS. In fact programs like MACSS, MAPSS, QMSS, are marketed as PhD "prep" programs. I think if you'd like broader training and flexibility in policy studies, but also interested in spatial analysis, I think that MSCAPP and MSPPM-DA are pretty superior to those other programs. But, if you are looking for a more focused program in urban planning then I don't think those are the programs for you.
  6. I actually ended up choosing Harris MPP. They gave me way more funding than Columbia and Berkeley so I couldn't justify another choice. I am hoping that I have the same opportunities in development doing an MPP since Harris has some amazing economists on staff. But good to hear about your decision-- I dont think you could go wrong with either choice.
  7. I got an email that there was an update to my portal
  8. I just heard back. I was able to go from 20k per year to 30k per year, which now makes Harris the program I am choosing!
  9. I don’t know how it fulfills requirements for a phd in Econ (I majored in Econ and math in undergrad so I don’t really need additional math/quant training). I’m really interested in the Berkeley ARE phd program and I like the idea of getting to work with those faculty, take graduate level economics courses and courses in the law school, and then doing research with faculty I admire. It also seems that the second year is very open in the MDP and you really have access to all of the graduate departments at Berkeley and can really study whatever you’re interested in. Which for me would be develop
  10. Hello! I was accepted into the MDP at Berkeley and the MPA-DP at Columbia too. im actually leaning towards Berkeley (not only because financial reasons) because It seems to me their curriculum is a little more academic focused. The mpa-dp seems to be a little more management focused. I like that the MDP at Berkeley has a thesis and a little more broad with the amount of classes you can take and subject you specialize in. I’m also from California and have been looking for a reason to move back to the Bay Area. Because I want to leave the option open for a phd later down the line, I li
  11. If you’re interested in security, Georgetown is definitely the top for all those options. In general, the MSFS is the strongest IR program
  12. hey everyone-- I was accepted into the MPA-DP during the early admission round. Good luck with everyone in this group waiting-- im hopeful for all of you!
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