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  1. Tbh Im not concerned about it. I don't think I have said anything on this Forum that is a secret to admissions comittees.
  2. As a California native who now lives in the midwest and is freezing, I can attest to the California weather being nice haha
  3. Its going! Currently working through my essays a few more times before submitting a few. I can't wait for this to be over. My top 3 are Yale, Columbia, and NYU. My partner is at Yale and so the closer I am to New Haven the better. @PhD22Plz what are yours?
  4. How did you add the signature with your schools at the bottom?
  5. Submitting this week! Ready for this to be over
  6. Damn you're early good on you! Im gonna be submitting on due dates lol
  7. Location was pretty important to me-- my partner is on the east coast so I can't really be anywhere else. My research interests are in healthcare operations and optimization and so I had to narrow to programs that had faculty doing that work. Which gets kinda tricky in some schools, for instance at HBS, they have an OM program but because they also have a pretty large health policy program all the faculty doing this work are more likely to be in that program. Whereas Columbia school of public health doesnt have a PhD program in health policy/managment so the OM program at CBS has more faculty
  8. @Vyndian @PhD22Plz Curious to know how apps are coming along for you both? Also interested to know if you reached out POI at your schools?
  9. Oh wow thats a lot! I could see myself doing more if I wasn't limiting myself geographically to the east coast. What is your background?
  10. Doing a few other operations and healthcare adjacent programs (MIT SES, Wharton Healthcare Management Economics, Harvard Health Policy Decision Sciences)
  11. Fair. I am planning on applying to the following programs: Yale SOM: Operations Columbia Business School: Decision, Risk, and Operations NYU Stern: Operations Management I am limited geographically to the east coast which is why I am not applying to other schools. My research interests are within empirical healthcare operations and medical decision analysis. While it seems like sort of an odd fit for business school, I am applying to these specific schools because of the faculty in the department doing similar research-- unfortunately not all of the opera
  12. Hey! We started a thread the other day if you want to move your post
  13. Hello everyone! I have seen a thread for Business PhD applicants in previous years and thought that we should start one for this year! I am planning on applying to programs in Operations Management this Fall at: Yale SOM (Operations) Columbia Business School (DRO) NYU Stern (OM) I am limited geographically so I am hoping to end up in the Northeast
  14. I want to say that NYU has an actual MS in Data Science. Georgetown also has a policy/data science program and I think Penn does too. I am going to appear bias here because I am a UChicago CAPP, but MSCAPP I believe is the best program out there for policy and data science. MACSS at UChicago is honestly pretty good too, but I think funds are more limited and if there are any interesting MACSS classes you want to take you can just take them as an MSCAPP student. CMU PPM-DA is pretty good too, not as good as MSCAPP, but generally gives a lot more money. I think that many students I kno
  15. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone is planning on applying to health policy or health services research PhDs? I am currently planning on applying to the following programs. I am not sure what the background of typical applicants to these programs look like-- I have a B.A. in economics/mathematics and finishing my M.S. in computer science and public policy. I have been working as an RA at the intersection of social science/health for a while so I am hoping that is enough to establish my credibility in my applications.
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