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  1. Hey everyone - first year management student here. I wanted to wish you all good luck with interviews! I know that the waiting game is very stressful. In case it is at all helpful as a reference: my first interview invite last year came on 1/15 and the last one came on 2/11. If that is any indication of this year's timeline, it is still very early in the process! Good luck to all!
  2. Hi @appme - current 1st year management PhD student here. My understanding of the difference is that the SOP is a statement of your research interests and objectives and the Personal Statement provides more of your personal history and path to academia. When I applied last year and a school asked for both, I put my personal background in the Personal Statement and research background and interests in the SOP. Most of the schools I applied to just requested SOPs though.
  3. I'm with you! I declined a few offers, am holding onto one, and am waiting for one last program to release a decision. Planning to accept the offer in hand if I don't hear from them soon. It will certainly be nice for the process to end in the next few weeks.
  4. Me too! I can't say whether or not they are taking students this year, but they aren't taking me! 😆 Oh well!
  5. I also applied to Yale SOM for OB, but haven't heard anything yet. I have heard rumors that they are not accepting students this year, but I am unsure of whether or not this is true.
  6. I applied this cycle for management after ~7 years of work experience. I am interviewing at 7 programs, and was admitted to 2 so far. I would be happy to talk through my experience applying as an "older" (29 - senior citizen!) applicant - feel free to DM me.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from Yale SOM for OB?
  8. I heard from Duke over the weekend. They are doing interviews this week. I didn't apply to the others, so I can't speak to those.
  9. Yes, I heard from UT Austin. They did an interview day for management/strategy yesterday. They said decisions will be released late Feb/early March.
  10. Ditto. It's okay, nowhere to move but forward! (I applied to for management)
  11. I think every program is slightly different. From what some of my faculty mentors have told me, I think approximately ~30-50% of candidates interviewed will be admitted.
  12. Has anyone heard from Yale SOM for Organizations and Management?
  13. I didn't apply to the others, but have not heard anything from Michigan (OB).
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