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  1. Because people all over other social media websites keep saying gradcafe is fake. What they can’t handle is realizing that they weren’t selected. It self-corrects by April because the rejection letters are all sent.
  2. A. I posted a single result there under interview. B. I mentioned earlier in the thread I wasn’t one of the lucky/well-deserved HBS interviews so I’m definitely not batting 100. edit: didn’t really feel the need to post much more to the results page since I’m doing so here and it’s still quite early…
  3. 0 straight accepts. 1 was a regular interview into unofficial, another was a confirmation of a continuing conversation that started in April.
  4. I’ve heard from a couple and have an accept or two. Just more like T25 programs vs T10. You’re gonna do great! Edit: for those reading, it depends on where you draw the line for “accept” between “unofficial” and “issued funding letter.”
  5. Super duper congrats. Look at the business phd wiki questions and answers list— the schools are “anonymized” but both Stephen and Megan chose HBS so it’s easy to see which overlapped. Actually, I’ll just link it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JWzMdFJiC_DwdzIrp4e8_aSqlehnQp6aqR-khkaO1fg/mobilebasic Knock ‘em dead!
  6. I believe it is. Like, I marked HBS OB as implicit reject at this point.
  7. Wanted to let you all know that Omicron is significantly impacting B-school admissions right now. Some events will also be moved virtual or canceled depending on the school’s governance.
  8. “Similar to last year but lower quality”— closely paraphrased.
  9. I hope y’all aren’t grats’ing me, @S.L. and @JPrun. my comment was based on someone posted on the results page that interview invites went out. edit: same with Notre Dame and U Florida.
  10. Kudos to the lucky Harvard OB person out there. Guess this season is going to be hot and front loaded based on activity so far.
  11. I think the simpler argument is: From @SteelBite’s original quote, it’s pretty clear he believes diversity is a buzzword that correlates to gender/identity. As you two have explained, from two different perspectives, it’s not that. But I doubt either of you will substantially change @SteelBite’s opinion about such essays. For what it’s worth, I framed my essays around the bias I’ve experienced— and critically — how I’ve fought bias on behalf of others to promote diversity throughout my career.
  12. Stern doesn’t have a required personal statement according to my folders document— is it optional? I usually submitted one if it was. Kinda surprised I missed it.
  13. I should’ve elaborated further. I was given the advice of tenure tends to be granted at other institutions as part of a moving package when professors choose to change schools. It’s seen as the badge of lateral freedom. So, “look at a department, not a person. If the department likes you, you’ll know.”
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