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  1. Can't wait to return to a normal human heart rate after Wednesday 😭
  2. On the Pickering page it listed October 25th, but Rangel is still listed as "late-October". Considering that we submitted Rangel after Pickering, I can't imagine Rangel being earlier? But then considering they're almost always sent out on Fridays, would they be released the same day?
  3. Also was accepted to a grad program and differed, fingers crossed we have that going for us!
  4. Nice! Sounds like you have solid experience despite the lack of formal international experience. I similarly am a bit limited in my international experience. Aside form informal/personal travel, I did one study abroad that was more like a course with a short supplemental trip. I have one year of work experience outside of school in Congress. 2-4 languages (depending on the month lol), received aid in college, took part in a lot of extracurricular activities, strong service background--particularly with refugees, yada yada. My essay really focused on a narrative of having been to countries that
  5. I have always lurked without an account, but I felt a responsibility to give future applicants the forum discussion that I so often looked to lol. Now that Rangel deadline has come, can anyone speak on their backgrounds and how they felt about the application process?
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