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  1. @3eyes I applied for a Masters. And to be frank I think it's pretty weird to follow around everyone who has mentioned applying to American asking them to decline their offer, as you seem to be doing. This is a big decision for me and I'll take the time I need to make sure I'm making the right one.
  2. Unrelated Elliott question... does anyone have an exact number for tuition? On the website it's by credit and there's no total cost. I've calculated to around $35/36,000 but I want to be certain that's correct as I'm comparing offers.
  3. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): IR/IA Schools Applied To: American SIS, GWU Elliott, Georgetown MSFS, Georgetown SSP, Tufts Fletcher MALD Schools Admitted To: American SIS, GWU Elliott (45% funding), Georgetown MSFS (60% funding), Georgetown SSP, Tufts Fletcher MALD (45% funding) Schools Rejected From: none Still Waiting: none Undergraduate institution: Top 50 US university Undergraduate GPA: 3.75 Undergraduate Major: International relations, French GRE Quantitative Score: 168 GRE Verbal Score: 165 GRE AW Score: 5.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 5 Years of Work Experience: 4
  4. Admitted but with no funding. I'll be declining, @L'Enfant maybe you can have my spot!
  5. I took the intro to microeconomics online course at UCLA. It has the option for online proctoring through your webcam if you can't go to a proctored exam location for the midterm or final. Otherwise I've heard it's much cheaper and the same quality to take classes at your local community college, either in person or online.
  6. Yeah, I thought the offer I had was great until I looked at their estimated total costs. I have a $30,000 scholarship for $50,000 tuition, but they estimate $25,000 in additional costs for living in DC which seems high to me. Meanwhile, the $16,000 scholarship I have from another school is for only $34,000 tuition so that would end up being a little less in loans (though not much, this school is in DC too). Still waiting on one more result and I'm just hoping they'll offer me a crazy scholarship so I don't have to make this hard decision!
  7. It may be too late for this year, but any suggestions? I didn't apply for Rangel/Pickering/Payne because I'm not positive I want to work for the government after graduation, and also I don't think I'm that competitive. I do have quite a bit of international experience that I think helped my applications. Where else should I be looking? I haven't managed to find any other relevant fellowships/scholarships/grants despite researching it for months now.
  8. Seconding this question. I'm pretty excited to have a 60% funding offer from my top school and when I first received the offer I thought great, I'm all set. But after looking at the school's tuition + estimated costs I'll still need to take out around $70,000 in loans. That seems high to me, but this is the best offer I've gotten.
  9. Today's blog post from the admissions office says decisions will be out within the next week. http://sites.tufts.edu/fletcheradmissions/2018/03/12/decision-guide-2-the-flavors-of-admission/
  10. There's a few people that have posted in the results referencing SSP acceptance. Can anyone confirm they've received a decision?
  11. The former dean of AU SIS has a good thread on the rankings.
  12. I've been accepted to the GGPS program and would also be considering the security track. It's disappointing to hear that it's more academic than policy focused. I have a few years of international "field" work in security but not so much experience in the policy realm so I'm leaning toward this type of focus in an MA program to balance out my experiences. Do you think the academic focus of the program has been particularly advantageous to you in any way, or has it been a disadvantage compared to other programs (within SIS or other MA programs) that focus on policy?
  13. I got the same email and am also reading into it way too much. Mine was personalized with a detail from my supplemental essay which was nice. Was yours?
  14. I did a microeconomics class online through UCLA's extension school. It was the only online class I found that had options for "online" proctoring for the midterm and final, which was necessary for me because I'm also living abroad.
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