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  1. Does anyone have suggestions for online micro/macro economics courses that schools accept? I have little quantitative experience and want to strengthen my application (SAIS, SIPA, Fletcher, Elliott). I currently live in China so they have to be completely online. Many of the online courses I have seen require in person tests. Also, do you think its ok that I will not have completed the course buy the time I submit my application?
  2. I noticed this trend as well. I’ve been lurking here for 3 years and it appears that the traffic has been down. I think the points you bring up are all valid. It also seems there has been much discussion recently about the cost of most of these degrees. There are a lot of people saying these degrees are not worth it. I think this slow down in traffic could be people realizing these degrees are not all they are advertised to be. I also wonder if traffic is down across all the grad cafe forums or just this one. But I’m really interested on other people’s thoughts on the matter.
  3. Program/Institution: MA (GW-Elliot, SAIS, American SIS, Columbia SIPA, Tufts, GT SFS) Interests: Security Studies, East Asian Policy Undergrad Institution: UNC-CH Undergraduate Major: Peace, War, and Defense (a relatively department unique to my school) Undergraduate GPA: 3.0 (Major: 3.4) - I had a rough 1st semester. GRE: Q153 V165 Writing: Hasn't been released yet. Age: 25 Years of Work Experience: 3 Work Experience: Currently, I am in my 3rd year of teaching at an international school in Shanghai. While in college, I interned for my Congressman and at the Executive Branch's office in my home state. Language: I've taken two years of Chinese tutoring while abroad. Hopefully, I will be intermediate-level by the time I matriculate LORs: Two professors whose classes I did well in, but I didn't keep up relations with. Concerns: My undergraduate GPA is low for top tier programs. However, it's not reflective of the high scores that I received in many of my major classes. I have very little quantitative background which is a concern. Any feedback would be great. Thanks,
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