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  1. HKS 2018

    Does having scholarship confirmed from exerternal source help admission decision at grad school? Thanks!
  2. HKS 2018

    Please share your experience while applying to HKS. Seems like most applicants don't know about this portal.
  3. HKS 2018

    HKS has optional essay. So you think giving a fair reason for low grades will help? And HKS says they don't have clear cut offs for gpa.
  4. HKS 2018

    People got admitted to HKS with totally different background. So "irrelevant coursework" is not a reason not to be admitted at HKS.
  5. HKS 2018

    Why is there no thread this year? As I remember, there were hundreds of posts last year.
  6. HKS 2018

    Is there any chance for someone who has below 3.0 GPA in grad school to get admission to MPP at HKS with extremely high professional and relevant experience? Thanks!
  7. I won't be the right person to answer because I will be applying too. I have a bachelor and a master's degree in economics from Brandeis University. I am teaching micro and macroeconomics at the American University outside U.S., and I have public service experience too. I will be working on my application for HKS, SIPA, and Duke. Good luck with your application Charizard_MPP!