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  1. We're gonna do the long distance thing, too. We've done it before (I was in China for 9 weeks in 2013, and we lived an hour and a half apart for two years until moving to the same city this past fall), but it's going to be a challenge because it's such a long time. We're planning to save money to see each other two or three times, alternating visits. I'm hoping to hammer out the dates before I go for my own sanity, but it's hard since he's an accountant who works like crazy during tax season and I probably won't be out for winter break till January (I have to audit classes at a Chinese univers
  2. Just got the (P) for China! I'm completely floored. Just created a group, let's all connect on Facebook!
  3. I think I have Fulbright waiting burnout... I have used up all my reserves of impatience and no longer flinch when my phone dings!
  4. I'm probably gonna get a heart attack if I get the save the date before the final notication, haha. Anyone else still waiting on it?
  5. Congrats!! This is a little early for Vietnam compared to the past couple years, so maybe we can expect more East Asia soon!
  6. After going back and forth on which CLEA-approved program to apply to I decided to go with CET Harbin. The deadline is 3/1 (summer) and 5/1 (fall) compared to IUP's rolling admissions for summer and 1/15 for fall. If you apply after 1/15 there's a $50 late fee on top of the application fee. It's a very good program but the timing seems strange for Fulbright. Anyone else applying for a CLEA? How was the application process?
  7. I emailed my FPA to ask if she had any insight on whether China interviews recommended candidates, and she sent me a list of all the countries who have done interviews in the past (though she said there's no guarantee a country that's not on the list won't start): Andorra TA Australia Bangladesh & ETA Colombia & ETA Mexico, business, and ETA Nepal & TA Norway & ETA Russia & ETA UK
  8. I was looking for numbers on award amounts today... they don't seem to exist! There seem to be a lot of factors involved (project needs, funding allocations year-to-year, whether you have dependents, etc.) I think this figure would a really good candidate for grantees to add to the spreadsheet, myself!
  9. Nah, I think in this case they're just looking to verify what you put down in your application, you don't have to go the extra mile. Good luck! Lots to do even at this stage! I've gotten two emails re: my application for research/study in China: one with detailed instructions about how to submit affiliation paperwork (they don't want us to wait because it's such a long process), and one reminding us to apply to the approved programs for the Chinese CLEA. They want affiliation paperwork ASAP, and by Feb. 6th at the latest. The deadline for the CLEA-approved program run by Berkeley was J
  10. You can reassure them that you're not required to stay in the host country the whole time... you can use some of your award to visit home (or even go on a vacation somewhere) if you budget for it (you're allowed to leave the country for up to 14 days according to the terms & conditions). And/or they can visit you. Either is totally okay. If I get the grant my SO and I are planning to see each other at least a couple of times while I'm gone.
  11. Wow. Seriously? That's terrible. It's such an tremendous opportunity I can't really imagine why a parent would be against it... Can I ask why they don't want you guys to go?
  12. Made it through! Second time applying. I felt about 600% more confident this time around compared to last year. My recommenders pointed out that I'd applied before, too. You should definitely think about re-applying if you're still interested!
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience JohnT! My Chinese sounds right about at the level of your Spanish, and I definitely couldn't perform at that level in an interview. Did you apply for a CLEA? I'm doing my best not to think about Fulbright, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job, but people who are rooting for me keep asking if I've heard back yet! Last year I had a hard time focusing on other things until I heard back in January, but now that I'm re-applying I'm pretty zen about it and going forward with backup plans. Life goes on, you know?
  14. My interview was very successful--much better than last year tbh! The first half was daunting, but I felt I was able to address all of their questions, and the second half (after they discussed and called me back in) was really positive. They gave me some excellent feedback I can totally work with. My FPA has not been supportive throughout this process, but the faculty on the committee were very encouraging. I walked out feeling a lot more confident about my application. They threw me a curveball because they had to change up the committee last-minute, though--I was told there wouldn't be
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