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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if UBC Vancouver has sent out offers for PhD in math? When do grad applicants usually hear back from the programs in Canada? The graduate math forums I know are mostly focused on the US programs and there’s very little information about places like UBC. UBC Vancouver tells me they will make offers at the end of February and early March. But I’m worried because in the US that means something different. In the US if you don’t hear back from math programs by early February, then you’re basically rejected or waitlisted. If you inquire about your application stat
  2. Can someone explain why a question I posted on the results page was deleted? I see others who are posting questions there. I selected every field correctly. All I did was ask someone how they found out about their admission offer.
  3. Haven’t heard anything from them. My application confirmation said they’ll send an update by Jan 9 at the latest.
  4. In the application confirmation I received from them they said jan 9 is the day they’ll send out their responses.
  5. Anyone else here applied? I wasn’t gonna even think about it but then they sent a mass email thanking applicants!
  6. Counseling sounds great ever since my own school passed on me! I'm literally avoiding the dept. building now... Waiting on all the other schools.
  7. You should definitely look up gov reports on crime; remember crime rates vary by neighborhood so they may not effect you. Maybe consider spending a few days in Philly and Baltimore. If you like a calm city vibe you'll enjoy Philly. And Philly is close to NYC, DC which is an added bonus.
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