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  1. Seconding the schools included above, as well as the University of Minnesota, Mizzou, University of South Florida.
  2. University of Minnesota's clinical program!
  3. I got accepted off the waitlist from my number 1 school! I will be giving up my position at South Florida (which was an incredibly hard decision, since I absolutely loved the school). I hope this helps someone on the waitlist.
  4. While the major publications may carry more weight, other publications still count and will be taken into consideration. For instance, I have a third author publication in a major, high-impact journal and a first author publication in a reputable & competitive, undergraduate journal. I interviewed this cycle at a top 5 clinical program and was asked a bit about my publication experience. I downplayed my first author pub by saying, "oh, but it was only in an undergrad journal." The professor responded by saying how that was still a huge accomplishment and how it was still relevant because I learned about the peer-review process. So I'd say they still count. And they still carry weight in your application. If you talk about them, make sure to explain the experience WITH CONFIDENCE (unlike me ). If they are not peer-reviewed & kind of a "scam" journal-- that's where things get a bit sketchy, in my opinion.
  5. I was waitlisted there, too! But my PI's offer was already accepted so I at least had some finality. I loved Temple, though, and it is an awesome program. Perhaps the other individual is waitlisted elsewhere and is waiting for that offer before accepting Temple? If that's the case, I hope you both get accepted to your top programs. Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. I feel you... I spent my time coming up with a Plan B, getting excited about other options besides grad school, looking at apartments in my current city to get excited about staying here, looking at conferences coming up, thinking about research ideas in my current lab for pubs/posters, etc... This made the wait SO much easier, to the point where I was so ready and convinced I was going to apply again. However, I diiiiid almost broke down last night over stress and waiting...so I understand. Hang in there. It's rough but if you're waitlisted places, you're already a competitive candidate and keep that in mind. You're not being dramatic because choosing to go to graduate school means you're passionate about your studies and the rest of your life! Best of luck to you!
  7. Thanks very much! Crossing my fingers for you USF is an awesome school.
  8. I was accepted off the waitlist at University of South Florida for Clinical Psychology. So excited! Still waiting to hear back from my number 1 choice (where I am high on the waitlist), but I loved USF's program
  9. I saw that someone declined an offer from South Florida. If that person is on here and could PM me with their POI, that would be incredible!
  10. That sounds like an awesome experience if you decide to go that route, since you would be getting research experience and working closely with the professor. Since it's very specific to that lab, I would ask the professor a few questions... Funding: would it be an RAship, or a voluntary position on top of coursework? I know my sister is attending an MPH program and her TAship covers stipend/tuition, so it most definitely depends on the program and position. Would the RAship lead to publications and conference presentations? Say that this is something of big interest to you and you're curious about the opportunities. Another possible question would be about funding to attend conferences. Now ask yourself these questions: Is the opportunity worth it, if there is not funding? Do you think this master's program will prepare you further for being competitive in PhD applications? Do you like the professor, lab, city, etc. enough to take this master's position, or would you like to explore your options as a full-time RA? A lot of this is definitely in your hands and is a tough, but good, situation to be in! Ask the professor as many questions as you need until you feel prepared to make a well-educated decision. Congratulations again for being accepted to the masters programs!
  11. I second the RA position. However, I would consider working for at least 2 years before applying again. The reason for this is you will have more time before applications to actually make a name for yourself in the lab/ get publications & presentations on your resume before applying. If you work a year, you would be reapplying in fall of this year which would not give you much time to gain experience. Obviously, the decision is entirely up to you. I am coming from my own experience of applying one year out of undergraduate and I have worked full-time since May (though volunteered in the same lab for a year before). I really REALLY wish I had taken another year. I realized during this process that I didn't have a super clear idea of what I wanted to research and I'm still waiting on pubs/presentations. I spent much of my time focusing and worrying about applications that I didn't delve into my own research and now I feel behind others that took multiple years to really focus on their work. Take time, save money, learn about yourself, get happy with your life outside of academia, grow as a person, and then apply again.
  12. I second Matlab, R, and Python as general languages If you're interested in MRI/neuroimaging-- Bash scripting in Linux If you're interested in database management-- SQL, PHP, HTML
  13. I saw a few people had posted about being wait listed, post interview at USF. Just curious what POI had already given notice to individuals. If anyone who has heard back from USF in any capacity and is willing to message me, that would be amazing!
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