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  1. Hi all I interviewed at my top choice PhD program a month ago and found out that there were two applicants to the same lab that I applied to who would be interviewing at a later date (although I have no idea when) and was not given any kind of estimate on when I should expect to hear back. I did send a post interview thank-you email to my PI and received an encouraging response which concluded with a statement that they'd be in touch. About two weeks ago, I received an admissions offer from my second choice (it was actually my top pick prior to interviews) which I am absolutely thr
  2. I was not accepted into any of the PhD programs that I applied to this past cycle and have now graduated from my undergrad. I began a new line of research, including developing a novel laboratory measure, over the past year and am working on trying to continue to pursue developing this model and measure (we had some very promising results!). My faculty mentor and I are planning to continue work on this over the next couple of years as I prepare to apply to programs again. This is at a liberal arts school, however, and there isn't any existing funding in the labs or department. My research
  3. Thank you everyone for all of your input; I'm blown away by how helpful and kind so many people are on here. I've been away from the boards for a while, focusing on other things coming up, so I apologize that this response is so delayed. I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate all of the responses, it has really helped me to feel a bit better about my decision. Strangely, I actually feel better now that things are even more uncertain than they were before....but that's probably a good thing. Now I just have to figure out the more immediate future. Best of luck to al
  4. @NeisserThanILook I'm sure that must have been an absolutely agonizing decision to make. I'm glad you were able to reach a decision that you feel really good about. Thank you for chiming in with your unique perspective. Trying to hear from as many different perspectives as possible on this is why I finally decided to go ahead and post (I'd been debating whether or not to do so for quite a while as I'm always very wary of anything that might possibly lead to identification). I am, of course, also asking people that I know personally but I don't actually personally know anyone else who is ap
  5. Thank you both for your insights! You both really just reiterated all the things I've been thinking, which probably really tells me that I should stick with what I've been thinking my choice would be. (BTW-I love that you brought up risk-aversion and forecasting because I made those same points when trying to explain my stance earlier!) Objectively speaking, the program is a good one and most of the students didn't seem overly stressed--only those in the lab I was applying to (it was rather odd actually), it really was more of the subjective "fit" combined with some things about the specifi
  6. So, I'm wondering how important this thing we call "fit" really is when it comes to getting a PhD in clinical psychology? For instance, were you to only receive one offer of admission can you really afford to be "picky" about that? Suppose that, throughout the interview process, you realized that you had reservations about the program and lab, the mentor is trying to move their research in a different direction which doesn't mesh as well with your interests (no other faculty there study your interest either), and students in the lab seemed very stressed out (substantially more than at
  7. That's awesome! Congrats!! I agree that even if there probably isn't a risk I'd rather not ask since it doesn't actually make a difference. Thank you again!
  8. Thank you! I second not wanting to risk asking if you aren't sure--I'd contemplated it for about a milisecond after seeing what seemed like most people on here know their position on the waitlist. I hope they don't automatically waitlist everyone who interviews, I'd like to think waitlist instead of rejection means something but I could also understand the practicality of it on the school's end--at least they told you they did it that way. Oh well, I guess it really doesn't make a difference whether I know my position on the waitlist or not--it won't actually impact the probability of
  9. Thank you! I guess it really just completely varies with the programs and all of mine just happened to be ones to simply say "an alternate for admission" (or maybe I'm just pretty low on the list at all of them and that's why they word it that way--who knows). It seemed like most people I've seen post on here knew their position on the list so I wasn't sure if most programs were telling people or if I was being overly-cautious by not wanting to ask when most people actually did. I really hope that everything works out for you!
  10. For those who know what position they are/were on a waitlist, how did you find out? Were you told when you were informed you were waitlisted or did you ask about position on the waitlist? I was waitlisted at every clinical PhD program I interviewed for and was only told I was "an alternate" for all of them but without any specification of position. There were only about 4-5 total people interviewing for the lab I applied to at each school, would they be likely to designate all interviewees as "alternates" and just run through the list when an offer is rejected?
  11. Would you mind PMing me with the same please? Thank You! And also CONGRATS!!!
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