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  1. For the person who received the interview from UT-Austin, can you pm the initials of your POI? was it a generic email or was it from your POI???? interested here at well
  2. For those who got an interview for Counseling program at U of Texas, Austin, could you please PM the PO?
  3. Was the invite from Knoxville for the individual who got an invite from the University of Tennessee?
  4. To the individuals who got invites to University of Miami. Did any of apply to the clinical-health focus? If so, may you send me you PI's initials? thanks
  5. Has anyone heard back from CUNY Hunter Psychological health and Clinical Sciences track?
  6. Hello, I have already pursued a CAADAC - wonderful program-. The only downside is job opportunities. Hence why i am anticipating applying towards MSW programs for more job growth. I am on the fence as to whether, an MSW is that much different in terms of an CAADAC, and hence have begin thinking of applying to doctorate programs since i am interested in research and enjoy a more clinical take than a community focus, typically found in MSW programs.
  7. Hello... I am interesting in MSW programs with a strong clinical focus / approach. Other factories of interest include substance misuse and LGBTQ. Thanks
  8. I am between the two. Identifying as a member of a vulnerable population, much of my personal and academic growth of overcoming social adversities is highly interconnected to social justice issues. I am passionate that health begins with identifying, addressing and assimilating problem-solving tactics years before the development of mental health issues. I am drawn to MSW programs for the ability of assimilating an holistic paradigm to disparities in mental health. I am also very passionate about psychological health, emphasis on substance abuse & LGBTQ issues. the ability to provide assessment , conduct original research and teach are additions perks. My long -term career goals involve working in a clinical setting working with a substance abuse populations, teaching and part-taking in research. I am well aware of the differences in educational length, competitiveness, scope of practice, and long-term career ends. Reaching out to see if anybody else is in a similar predicament? and if so, what your decision processing looks like.
  9. Bryan Cochran. There's opportunity within the field, and finding an "ideal" match is rare under any circumstances. I'll be satisfied working under a POI in either substance abuse or LGBTQ health. The overlap and relationships between the two is high. All about timing now.
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