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  1. Hey Everyone! Congratulations to those who have been accepted. Keep your hopes up if you have not been accepted yet, it is still early in the cycle. I am a first year PhD student at Indiana University. If you are considering to attend IU, do not hesitate to send me a DM =)
  2. If you ask me, in terms of signaling your ability to do high-level math, improving your GRE math score would be a better indicator than taking a Calculus course. However, the question is how can you do high-level math without knowing calculus? So I would recommend studying for GRE in this summer and taking the Calculus course in your gap summer before beginning your Phd studies.
  3. Lave and March-An Introduction to the Models in Social Sciences could also be helpful: http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Models-Social-Sciences/dp/0819183814
  4. If you are looking at the intersection between ethnic politics and conflict, I recommend the University of Maryland's program in Political Science. The department has produced the well-known MAR dataset, which analyzes the ethnic conflict worldwide.
  5. I have received offers from UIUC and Indiana, and accepted Indiana.
  6. Anyone else accepting an offer from Indiana?
  7. I checked with the Head of the Graduate Programs.
  8. Anyone considering to decline an offer from the UIUC in comparative? It turns out that I am currently in the #1 slot in the waitlist for comparative. Edit: Could someone also inform me about their financial package? Thanks.
  9. Any news or opinions about an unofficial waitlist at UNC Chapel Hill? I still have not heard anything back.
  10. Safe travels! I also wish to attend the visit weekends, but the expenses are beyond the reimbursements that schools provide.
  11. Syas

    Bloomington, IN

    I am a graduate student looking for housing in Bloomington. My stipend is about 18k per year. I was wondering what parts of the city would you recommend me for housing. I love nature and I like sleeping early so I prefer quiet and rustic neighborhoods that are not far from the campus.
  12. You could tell him that you are committed to stay at school, and you would love to have him at your committee, and then you could ask him whether he had any specific plans for the next 5-6 years. Hopefully his response would help you clarify your agenda without raising the subject of retirement.
  13. I think my offer is conditional that Trump does not become the President.
  14. I had almost given up my hope from this cycle, and today I received an e-mail from Indiana University informing me of my admission with financial package. So excited Anyone else here considering to enroll in Indiana's program?
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