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  1. Whether there are other potential advisors is extraneous to the topic at hand, which is whether it is impolite to ask if a particular faculty member plans to remain at the institution.
  2. Had a great first visit. But it's a super tiring process. These next two weeks are going to be the death of me. Ditto. Funding is typically guaranteed for 4-5 years and contingent only on success in meeting program requirements. It is very important to have package details in writing — informal agreements and assurances aren't reliable.
  3. It's fine to ask, senior and junior faculty. These are legitimate concerns for graduate students.
  4. Depends entirely on the individuals. Could be mostly about their research, or yours, or the program, city, etc. Safe to read up on a few of their recent publications to get a notion of what they've been working on.
  5. I do consider myself fortunate in this respect. The first program I heard from in mid-January was a solid option. Since the old folks are outing themselves here finally — I'm 31 and never considered academia/graduate school as an undergraduate. The best possible scenario when applying to doctoral programs is to have a choice of programs, and I would generally recommend people in their 20s considering a second round of applications for whatever reason to do just that. You'll have that much more time to weigh your options, and, if going another round, to create a stronger application.
  6. Don't leave me hanging all by myself in ultraultra's wrap-up thread, guys! I feel conspicuous!
  7. Congratulations! I like many faculty research interests at IU, and the city of Bloomington receives high marks from people I know with experience there. (But it is not among my top choices at this juncture.)
  8. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Liberal arts college Major(s)/Minor(s): Double-major Writing & Politics '07 Undergrad GPA: 3.04 Type of Grad: Master's Political Science '16 Grad GPA: 3.93 GRE: V167/Q155/AW4.5, V163/Q161/AW5.5 Any Special Courses: Scopes & Methods, Stat Methods in Research, Applied Longitudinal Stats Letters of Recommendation: Three from faculty in the master's program, two of whom I've worked rather close with, includes the DGS and department chair. Research Experience: Standard summative research projects for graduate courses; independent project involving a
  9. March 24 — I missed the call and have a voicemail.
  10. I currently have four visits planned over two weeks (scheduling worked well) and one I had to decline. Wouldn't be opposed to one more, but I'm likely set.
  11. UW-Madison prospectives should know to ask about the departmental climate.
  12. My better conscience got the better of me and I declined the Michigan State offer in the hopes that it will assist another.
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