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  1. I've had an informal acceptance email from the chair of the department at Yale but still no official email taking me to the admit page. That suggests those who haven't got any email can still be getting a yes from them.
  2. Since we're at it I'm 33. I applied - and briefly started - grad school back in 2005 straight from undergrad and it was one of the silliest decisions I made. I know lots of people who have done that and it's been great for them but I was not at a stage in my own interests, ambitions and temperament where I could do that. I got professional work in the field instead and have been doing that since. In a lot of ways that has made the application more tricky, and I find myself wondering whether admissions committees will look at what I've done and think I should be applying for the professional masters instead of the research PhD, even though this is what I've wanted to do since I was about 18. Add in that I'm not from the US and decided to only apply to, ahem, stretching schools since I was only crossing the Atlantic if I was getting a program noticeably better than what I could get on this side (especially since I can earn here from consulting alongside), So I guess where I'm leading is - Harvard and Yale, will you please hurry up!
  3. No reports in yet from US. Is this going to be the first day in ages no school sends out?
  4. Harvard may be announcing. Everybody - don't panic!
  5. Another day, another empty inbox. And repeated reloads on the results page. Yale (and Harvard) take their time about it all.
  6. Mine was a bit weird but switched last year. They got my GRE score sent before the deadline but only marked it as received (and then complete) afterwards. Really hope that isn't enough to have sent the application to the bin.
  7. Does anyone know if phone calls to international applicants are common? I've got a five hour time difference from my remaining schools. And mentally I'm taking MIT out of that category, because even if they haven't contacted to say no that they haven't contacted me kinda says it for them. Congratulations to those who have had acceptances. Roll on Yale.
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