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  1. I was in a parallel situation last year -- I was completing a Master's, so I ended up spending most of the summer working on my thesis and finishing up courses right before (and honestly, slightly during) the beginning of my PhD. If I could do everything over, I would have planned to take a few months off before my program began, and in your case I would recommend taking off that summer semester from courses. Re: methods -- I'm not sure which school you are going to, but methods sequences at top US universities start from the beginning; they assume you have little to no knowledge of stati
  2. I don't think you need to fully axe schools if there are only junior faculty to work with but I would recommend looking at where those assistant professors go their PhDs and considering adding those schools to your list.
  3. Would second Michigan, Stony Brook, Duke. I'd also suggest Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, UVA, and maybe UCSD and Princeton. I don't check this website too often but I had good luck last cycle with a similar research focus, so feel free to message me and I can try to give you some advice. I'd also recommend checking out the results threads from previous cycles to get a sense of where behaviour people applied and where they were competitive given their stats.
  4. Saudiwin is right, also many schools stipulate in their admissions directions that you can't coauthor your writing sample. For what its worth, I get the sense that most places don't pay that much attention to the writing sample. During my admit visits last year, not a single person mentioned my writing sample to me though people often mentioned my letters, SOP, research experience, etc.. I got the sense that no one had read it. I also had a bunch of appendices for my writing sample, which didn't fit in the page limit so I uploaded them separately and included a link in the document. They
  5. As others have said, fit is very important. You should definitely think hard about what you want to study and mainly apply to departments where those needs would be supported. I applied to (and got into) Stony Brook and you should know - its basically only Americanists and methodologists there, with almost everyone self-identifying as a political psychologist. So I'm not sure that it makes sense for your interests unless you want to study those substantive topics from a political psychology perspective. I also think its worth it to throw an application or two at top schools where you have reas
  6. I'll probably add some but, just curious, why do you think it will "go a long way to help a lot of people"? At least in my opinion, it would have been nice to know stipend info in advance and I was certainly curious about it, but it wouldn't have had an impact on my applications... especially since most schools seem to give out stipends that provide a similar standard of living given the COL in the specific city.
  7. I think Oxford has a migration studies program that fits what you're looking for. Though maybe your best bet is to look at researchers working in your ideal jobs and try to chart their education/professional history?
  8. The schools you can get into without GRE scores (in the US at least) will not put you in a good position for the job market. Just take the GRE? There are some respectable schools that will still take you with weak scores if you have an otherwise strong file. Also - US political science is increasingly math driven, so you'll need to have that numeracy anyway (for your career, not just your applications). If you're really set on not taking the GRE, apply to other European schools or Canadian ones..
  9. Turned down my Northwestern and Stony Brook offers (as well as UPenn and Vandy earlier), hopefully this helps someone in waitlist purgatory!
  10. I don't think I would take on that much debt for an MA, especially a theory MA. If I were in your position, I'd probably try to find a research position or other way of building up my profile over the next year and then re-apply, including some cheaper MA programs in the mix next round (such as U of T which has a large group of theorists and a political theory MA). Or you could also check out European programs, some of which are quite affordable and haven't finished accepting applications yet.
  11. I think the lack of responses on this and the other thread probably indicate that this is probably a question best addressed to your advisors and letter writers, or more specifically to people who know your field well. I don't feel qualified to give you an answer, though I feel bad that you've been left hanging. I don't know your field very well, personally, though from what you've said, your approach seems to be a lot more in line with sociology than political science, particularly the heavy reliance on theory - most fields in political science are moving in a much more empirical (and quantit
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