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  1. Such a detailed answer! Yep i got an acceptance from UKY but i was waitlisted in urbana champaign and ucr. I took a risk and rejected uky. Btw claremont is awful when it comes to fund the students. I learnt it from the hard way i consider my $100 as a waste:(
  2. Thank you for the answer. I am an international student but i have been in claremont for exchange study. I know how expensive riverside is. Do you think that first year's stipend is enough to survive?
  3. Got an acceptance from ucr with dean's distinguished fellowship but i could not understand its details. Can Anyone who accepted the offer from ucr explain this financial package to me?
  4. same here about uiuc and also ucr. I wish one of them could turn back before i accept university of kentucky.
  5. Thank you so much for the answer. Could you compare them academically? Cgu is higher in rankings but kentucky is quite good too. What do you think?
  6. Hi people! I got acceptances from the phd program in political science at CGU and UKY. I don't know the funding package of cgu yet, but kentucky's package is quite less to survive. It gives 14k tuition and healthcare. I am a former pitzer college exchange( also a member of claremont colleges) , i know claremont but kentucky is an enigma for me! Btw, Turkish applicant. please help!
  7. Accepted to phd program in political science at CGU, official letter to come next week.
  8. Still! Still waiting to hear from UIC UCR and CGU! why don't they just tell me that i am rejected or waitlisted?
  9. I have been told that my file is under review , how do you know that initial acceptances went out? Thanks
  10. Vandy, uuic, cgu, maryland, ucr and urbana champaign are still left. why arent they even sending a single e-mail that i am rejected?
  11. Do you live in campus? I think 525 is quite affordable with my budget.
  12. Got rejection from ufl today. Vandy, uuic, cgu, maryland, ucr and urbana champaign are left. As there are several acceptances from vandy urbana champaign and ucr, i think i am rejected from those too.
  13. I also applied to UCR but i haven't got any response. Do you know whether they released the rejections?
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