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    Comparative post-Soviet politics (authoritarianism, informal political-economic networks, and elite political behavior)
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  1. deutsch1997bw

    Profile Evaluation - American Politics

    When I applied to programs in Fall 2017, I was wait-listed at UNC-Chapel Hill (#11) and interviewed at UW-Madison (#14 or something like that). My GRE Q score was substantially lower than yours. I had really strong LORs (one d my letter writers was a fairly well-known methodologist) research experience, and conference presentations. So, in other words, other aspects of your application can make up for weak GRE scores.
  2. deutsch1997bw

    PhD admission chances with low GPA

    You have an otherwise pretty excellent profile. I wouldn't be too concerned.
  3. deutsch1997bw

    Rising Senior Profile Evaluation

    I presented at MPSA in April. I was still an undergraduate at that point. Undergraduates are only allowed to do poster, not oral, presentations. It was a fine experience, though, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I found that many well-known academics do peruse the posters, which is nice.
  4. Thanks for the responses. The program I will be doing this summer involves five hours of in-class study M-F, plus afternoon/evening language activities. I will also have a tutor. My goal, as @Glasperlenspieler notes, is to achieve C1, but, of course, I would like to become completely fluent.
  5. In preparation for a Political Science PhD program, I will be attending an MA program in Russian and East European Studies. Although I applied to PhD programs this past application cycle, I was ultimately unsuccessful. One of my primary goals for the MA program is to really develop my Russian language skills, which, at this point, are non-existent. Because of the intense nature of the program, I will have the equivalent of five years of language training by August 2020, including potentially time spent in Russia. I plan to matriculate to the PhD program that same year. My question is this: Will this amount of language training be sufficient to conduct field research as a PhD student? Note that my plan is to do 1.5 more years of language training at the beginning of my PhD program.
  6. deutsch1997bw

    Indiana University Bloomington Fall 2018

    I'll be attending the MA in Russian and East European Studies program. I'll be using the program as a stepping stone to a PhD in political science.
  7. deutsch1997bw

    PhD Pol Sci: FSU vs UF

    FSU. In terms of placement, FSU is the way to go. Also, FSU's methods training is pretty top-notch.
  8. deutsch1997bw

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist at UNC for CP?
  9. deutsch1997bw

    Decision Advice Needed! (by April 15th)

    I could be wrong, but I think Columbia is quite strong in IPE.
  10. deutsch1997bw

    Best MA programs in Polisci?

    I don't think that's necessary, unless you would really like to study in Europe. There are some really fine MA programs in European Studies in the US. Are you interested in Western or Central/Eastern Europe? If the latter, there are several really strong programs in the US (e.g., Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc.).
  11. deutsch1997bw

    Value of Certificates?

    If it's free, then it certainly wouldn't hurt. But, I'm not sure that it would help you get into a PhD program. Then again, if the certificate provides you with opportunities to research and develop connections with professors, it could be of some help.
  12. deutsch1997bw

    Value of Certificates?

    Would would the certificate be in? If it would be in something related to research methods, then I think it could potentially be helpful.
  13. deutsch1997bw

    Best MA programs in Polisci?

    What is your primary region of interest?
  14. deutsch1997bw

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Did you receive a personalized email or an automatic one?
  15. deutsch1997bw

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Is anyone claiming the UNC admit in late Feb that was posted yesterday? Looks like this person was also accepted to Michigan

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