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  1. Oops, I misinterpreted your initial post. Congratulations! Whichever school snatches you up is going to feel mighty proud! Maybe it's something like they've only sent out notifications for those in American, then it would make sense that there could be very few (and maybe just you active here). I suppose the rest of us will hear back before long. I have to admit, I agree with departments that don't send rejections on Valentine's Day😂
  2. This does seem sort of odd, despite it being a small program. I figured the admit was you or trinityshot, since it lists a profile (American/Methods/3.9/164/170/5.5) that is an exact match with an admit to many of the other highest ranked programs. Clearly it is someone who is pretty active here, so seems unusual they wouldn't claim it. At any rate, I imagine we'll hear pretty soon.
  3. A generous message, and very well put. I’m so glad you got in. You sound like a dynamite (and unlucky) applicant. Congratulations, I hope today marks the tide changing for you.
  4. I meant to address the gradcafe community at large. To you, congratulations, what an accomplishment!
  5. Exactly. And congratulations!
  6. If you look at hundreds of (accepted) applications each year, over time you learn that (in poli sci and most programs) almost nothing is disqualifying. Truly. At least a handful of your classmates (non theory included) will not have completed a calculus class. Ever. So the one who fails, then gets a B-, often won’t be considered any worse off. Also, right, a B- can mean many things. In my story, for the student who eventually scored ok on the GRE and has a head for methods, it can even signal persistence.
  7. Sorry, I must have given the wrong impression. Plenty of applicants have linear algebra. I meant to say that I have not seen a situation in which it seemed like linear algebra had a strong impact on admission whereas a great letter from a professor who taught a grad quant methods course can be a different story. At any rate great for anyone who has an exceptionally strong math preparation. You will see, when you start your program, this is not the case for all of your classmates, even at top programs.
  8. As someone who has worked in graduate school admissions, and with undergraduate programs aimed at sending students to graduate school, at two tippy top schools (for all fields falling within arts and science), I can confidently say you are both overestimating the impact of math classes (for all but physical sciences, math, and economics), at least as it relates to admission to the Ph.D. You are probably also overestimating the importance of quant GRE, which is often overlooked if it meets some threshold - often around 155 - as long as some other evidence of quant skill is presented (I discuss
  9. I agree completely, even for those in American.
  10. I, too, thought the Magoosh math videos were very helpful, and I liked the way the curriculum was presented. Magoosh doesn't own most of the prep materials, they direct you to various outside resources according to your customized plan, then they guide you through utilizing these outside resources (official ETS prep, Manhattan Math, etc.). Their internal sample problems (they do have some of their own questions and full length exams) are generally harder than the test, which some people liked, but that wasn't my favorite. I think before you go the Kaplan route (which might be worthwhile), see
  11. I agree nobody should be pressured into withdrawing an application, and certainly it would rarely make sense to withdraw an application to a place that competes with the current preferred acceptance, whether in terms of rank, $, etc. I say "rarely" because there are situations in which withdrawing an application could have highly tangible benefits, and these might be comparable, or greater, in value to a candidate than either leveraging a new offer or gaining the satisfaction of seeing the application play out with a decision. The problem is that these possible benefits are often not known in
  12. Thanks! Any idea about UChicago?
  13. What kind of psychopath spends Friday night reading through the February 1st and 2nd entries in the applicant thread from last year's cycle? This one! It's actually strangely gratifying. If you have the time, it's maybe even more fun to look back several years at the late February posts, because back then many/most applicants would list the schools where they were, and were not, admitted (some still do this, but the practice seems to have died down). There's something strangely encouraging about seeing the whacky mix of acceptances and rejections that many people received. Enjoy!
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