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  1. Also, this might be a good place to brainstorm questions for meetings with faculty and current students. What are you all planning on asking about during visits?
  2. “The tuition in pounds is more than I weigh and I’m a hefty bloke” is golden.
  3. They might be spreading things out over a couple days, so I wouldn’t lose hope yet. Calling each admit personally takes time. They said the emails will go out within the next couple days.
  4. Yes—I figured it would be more useful to people scrolling through political science results rather than putting it under government.
  5. I think Chicago already went out
  6. what. So it might be two weeks before The System tells me my fate? Nooooooo
  7. Alright fellow nervous wrecks: this is our week.
  8. Agreed—I’m sure my compulsive email refreshment anxiety is not healthy.
  9. Perhaps we can report those posts or get the mods involved somehow? They’re ruining the results page and it’s not like there nowhere for discussions.
  10. Wow, that long for Penn? Anyone else feel like a lot of schools are on a much later schedule than usual this year?
  11. Agreed on that last point--Penn is one of the last couple I'm waiting for, and I'd just like to be done with the waiting games one way or another.
  12. When have Penn results gone out historically? Are we expecting them this week (apart from weather delays)?
  13. I don’t know much about Vanderbilt, but Notre Dame definitely has a very strong reputation for Latin America
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