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  1. As far as I know, the theory waitlist is not ranked, meaning that whether one gets off the list or not depends not simply on whether there are refused offers but also who refused the offers.
  2. Waitlisted. Was told that decision would be clear one way or the other after the visiting day around mid-March.
  3. Anyone waiting for decisions from Notre Dame? They gave out a few accepts and waitlists weeks ago according to the results page and then nothing...I don’t know how I should interpret this. Is it likely that they are doing a second wave kind of thing or the rest who haven’t heard back are just rejects...
  4. I actually didn’t know that they allow Ph.D applicants to do that! Thanks so much for the info! I think your analysis sounds pretty right so i guess i will just have to wait.
  5. Thanks so much! This is really helpful! I applied for the Master program at UBC. Any idea when they might release decisions?
  6. Applied for theory master program at UBC. Anyone knows when the decision would be out for the master program? I’m applying as a non-Canadian student and as far as I know, for PhD students they (the big four) have funding irregardless of your nationality. Don’t know much about the visa process though.
  7. Thanks for the info and congrats to your friend! Did your friend say how the news came? Was it an official acceptance letter, an email from the POI or else?
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I really need it right now trying to keep my hope up. Only have one waitlist, one rejection and four pending yet.
  9. Applied for theory at Notre Dame and didn’t receive anything yet. I’m assuming it’s a rejection now as I know that someone in theory has gotten intervirwed already according to the results survey...
  10. Thanks very much for the reply! Really appreciate it!
  11. Is it appropriate to ask how high you are on the waitlist? The whole thing is very vexing...
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