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  1. My research interests are primarily political sociology and social class and qualitative methods. So I am interested in a bottom-up approach of contemporary populism with a focus not on populist leaders but the followers or supporter. I applied to very few and top tier colleges which in hindsight was a mistake - Harvard, UCB, Yale UChicago.
  2. Hello All, I had a bad admission cycle this fall with no proper admission offers. My GREs were bad and I was a fresh graduate from LSE with MSc in Sociology. I have already begun assembling everything for the applications for next fall which starts later this year. I have changed my profile by improving my GRE to 164, 160, 5. TOEFL 105, presented my MSc thesis in two international conferences and a research paper under a review in the journal of international political sociology. Also, I am currently working as a research specialist in a fortune 100 firm to sustain myself. I am looking for some guidance and key pointers to nail the admissions this year. I come from an extremely humble background and probably putting everything in financially for this admission cycle. So though I am stressed by the uncertainty of the Ph.D. admission process, my stubborn and genuine interest to remain in academics keeps me motivated to pursue this. Any constructive advice would be really helpful! Cheers!
  3. It's definitely coming out this week for sure! May be even within a day or two!
  4. All my eggs in the Yale Basket! (Thinking about the hope quote from Shawshank Redemption )
  5. I feel like a fool getting all rejections and waiting for Yale decisions.
  6. I come here to read about the progress of applications, information of fundings, how prospective students and admits decide colleges, how rejected students cope and apply again. In a way I come here with an assumption that this is not facebook or twitter but a forum for emerging social scientists to exchange information and engage in a dialogue. Its disheartening to see quarrels and fights. I am sure both of you have different views on the issue and all the right to express yourself. But for the sake of others and myself as well it would be my sincere request to use personal messages for such an exchange. Lets us not use the affordance of anonymity in employing vulgarity and personal comments.
  7. Hi, I had only applied to two colleges for this fall , both of which were rejections, and one in Political Science , whose decisions are not yet out. I wanted to know how I can improve my profile for making successful PhD applications later. My GRE's are bad 150,150, 3.5, TOEFL 100, IELTS 7 Undergrad was magna cum laude, Masters with upper merit from LSE, research intership with scholarship at Germany two international conference presentations, 3 years of work experience as student liaison , content writer for UN and beahviour auditing for IEMA, 1 publication. I am really passionate about remaining in academics despite the ups and downs. I feel this is my calling. So any , no matter how critical, feddbacks, suggestions and recommendaions would really be highly appreciated.
  8. May be , just may be, they would send it today! (Friday, end of the working week, late feb )
  9. If I had a dollar for everytime I thought about Yale I would have funded my own phd !
  10. Quite a lot going on about Boston acceptances on the results page lol! I think Boston spreads it's acceptances over 2-3 days going by previous year posts. But sadly no mails so far.
  11. Response from Yale regarding their decisions was that they don't have a set date and that all the decisions will be sent out by 1st Week of March! Waiting....g......g.....g.....g......g
  12. is it true for Harvard too ? I haven't got a rejection but one of the students who got selected said all the admits have gone and i shouldn't hope now.
  13. is it a good thing that my POI at yale said that my project was a perfect fit with what they are doing in the department now and then asking me to speak with a few of the students whose contact he mailed me back and asked to get a sense of the programme. And then ending with a line encouraging me to apply in certain fields. I am wondering if this is generic or has any value!
  14. Anyone feeling that we'll hear from Yale today ?
  15. I think we will hear from them next week hopefully! Had applied under theory and comparative as subfields at Yale. Only hope now.
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