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  1. I was also waiting to hear from JHU and UNC.. UNC gave out rejections about 12 hours ago and I had e-mailed JHU 10 days ago. Pasting the response that I received on the same day: All letters should be going out this week from our Admission’s Department. Our department is very competitive, we received 130 applications this year and will only admit 5-6 new students. We have sent out our Admit and Wait List letters last week. We wish you all the best in your future career. Now I can finally move on!
  2. Thank you so much, switching over to DM.
  3. Thank you so much! Your response means a lot to me - yes, we shouldn't give up so easily. I do still hope that you hear good news from these implied rejections. All the best with improving your writing sample and SOP! may our future be kind to us.
  4. Hope you feel better soon! I totally feel like total bag of anxious and hot-headed garbage these days due to my results too. Sadly, I'm not that optimistic to believe that something good awaits us all. I guess life goes on even when the possibilities are closing down on you and I'm trying to cope by valuing me more than where my career is headed..
  5. Thank you, this is a very kind response..I have particularly learnt about my choice of programs could have been more distributed across ranks. If it is not too much to ask for, would you be willing to give me some feedback from my application this cycle?
  6. I have been asking around about the exact same thing - would be great to hear some feedback so we can take something constructive out of this process!
  7. I would love to give it a second shot rather than completely change my goals in life.. but I worked for almost two years to save what I used for my application cycle. yet to make up my mind..if it is worth the money and time!
  8. This thread is full of international applicants and no doubt our profiles are competitive I think this is partly to do with lack of social capital - we do not have enough friends / seniors in our dream Unis to consult with through the process.. secondly, there is a limitation in funding int. phD applicants which they conveniently do not disclose. and of course, there could be something not up to the mark in our SoPs.. Gradcafe, in that sense, is very useful. I wish i had started engaging here earlier.. @Placebo I can see that your profile is very strong, given that I'm indian.
  9. More strength to all of us.. I am trying to take these rejections constructively no matter how hard it is.. Either, something was awfully wrong about my SOP / LoRs or I am not meant to be here. Do you think some of the PoIs can be approached to give feedback on our application? I still can't put a finger on what went wrong, but since I have not contacted them before applying.. this may come across as odd, is it?
  10. So sorry about this.. Hope the other PolSci offers help you feel better! Like how you built something else (the Master's and strengthening your profile) out of your rejections - gives me hope.
  11. So sorry about this.. I understand how you might be feeling, I had plans to quit my terrible job around this time and read and prepare myself for the "Fall Semester" through summer. Also, I wonder if international applicants with degrees outside the US are considered seriously by some Universities. If there is a limitation in terms of funding for int. students, that should be disclosed in the website imo (York University does this!)
  12. Hi, I thought I was bringing down the energy in the Acceptances / Rejections thread with my rants about being rejected. I have applied for 8 programs and been rejected by 3. implied rejection by another 4. I applied this cycle primarily for Brown, but I have no mail. my test scores were not too bad (GRE: 164, 163 and TOEFL: 117). I had worked for months on my SOP to ensure "fit" etc., Now I don't know what I did wrong and can do better next time (if at all I apply again). There was just one thing tho: I had no publications but manuscripts which are being prepared and under review.
  13. feel this. good that my weekend has started because I don't want to go to work in this state of mind. also, are all JHU results out? i spotted just one result on the board.
  14. Thanks a lot! Will still try to be hopeful, my interests are in studying unorganized urban economies. On a side note, this knowledge really hit me hard, I was imagining my PoI reading through and rejecting my application.. led me to her twitter page and then I "followed" her out of genuine curiosity. In two minutes, she follows me back. I shit-post a lot on twitter, so now i am wondering if she would read them and did i just f**k up my application unnecessarily. "is there no way out of the mind?"
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