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  1. I am not sure but I suppose they sent all acceptances. I received an email from one of the POIs that I was waitlisted.
  2. For the Brown admit! How did you receive notification? Is it an automated email or an email from POI?
  3. I hope you will get in where you want to! Good luck and fingers crossed! I will likely go to UT Austin as it is a better fit for me! And I like warm weathers
  4. I got accepted to Rutgers and I will most probably reject. And one of my friends also will reject soon.
  5. No problem, I think, If u have legitimate reasons for this. My case is the same and I got admitted to two programs, and none of them asked anything about it. I only explained why I decided to change my school/and also country (as I am international student) in my SOP. Plus one of the professors from my school wrote a LOR for me. Don't worry about it
  6. If u have time and money to go and visit, I would recommend u to do so. I also heard awful stories about a professor at TAMU where I was planning to apply until I hear those stories.
  7. I think they have sent all admissions. I also applied and learned by emailing to grad coordinator that I was rejected. And still no change in my status.
  8. I am.... I can't stand this waiting. I am not optimistic about it, but still... Do u have any idea or info about when they announce?
  9. If I am not wrong, it is the faculty that you mention in your SOP.
  10. Has anybody received funding offers from the UT Austin? Please post if you have..
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