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  1. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Same here. I got a call last week from them asking about how I felt about the program and if I was intending on being a full time student. I then received an email early this morning to check the portal where I found a decision letter with the same package (26k stipend plus tuition waiver for 5 years). Hope this info is helpful and best of luck to all!
  2. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I haven't heard back either!
  3. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Thanks for the heads up!
  4. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Are any UC Irvine applicants still waiting to hear back? I see some rejections and acceptances, but I haven't gotten anything back from them at all.
  5. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Thanks so much! I'm still weighing all my options, but I was really happy with the acceptance
  6. b_pud

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    UCSD's sociology department sent me an email on Feb 8th stating that the department and the committee recommended me for admission pending approval from the graduate dean. The next morning, I got an email from the dean's office finalizing my admission. The department also told me that funding details would be sent to me by Feb 15th. I hope this info is useful! Best of luck!
  7. b_pud

    Regarding Transcripts

    Hi everyone, I had a semi-specific question regarding what transcripts to send to schools. I graduated in 2016. I will definitely be sending that transcript and don't have any concerns about that. But, after graduating, I wanted to take a language course at a community college for fun. I unfortunately had to withdraw from the language course due to a busy work schedule. Do I need to send a transcript from the community college if it's just one course that I took for fun and is unrelated to any sort of degree? Thanks!

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