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  1. That is some serious hustle. Good for you that’s awesome!!!
  2. These visit days for UCLA cannot come soon enough. I haven’t taken a vacation since July and I really need to get away. If anyone is staying an extra day in LA let me know and we can hit up a museum together!
  3. Sorry I get confused with these exchanges. Socionut it just came off as dumb. you guys really can stop now!
  4. Ok can you guys stop now Also derriduh why do you think farmer is an insult?..
  5. Sorry I don't really pay attention to user names and forgot to consider how much of a challenge this would be if an applicant were a parent. That certainly would be extremely stressful. I would agree that characterizing this life change as a choice between good schools is wrong when considering these things. Sorry about that! I was completely wrong. This is kind of a good lesson to whoever -- just because you are hurt by something (which you are entitled to) does not always mean that it's because someone else did something wrong. Emotions do be that way...
  6. Rejected from princeton ! I appreciate the early morning notification. Done-zo!
  7. I agree but to be fair you compared it to a quarter life crisis. Usually when people say life crisis its referring to paralysis and stagnation. Maybe also self destructive behavior. While I'm sure its paralyzing and stressful to have a lot of good options it's clear why it might be seen as jarring by some to use that terminology for when your life is clearly moving forward in a pretty obvious general direction and things are going well but you're just stressed out. If I saw someone using that phrase I would assume they have few to no options or they do have options but don't really know what they're doing in life in a much deeper sense than "I don't know if I should go to Harvard or XYZ"
  8. Interesting. I did such a bad job researching masters programs. Although I'm already 25 and don't want to delay a PhD too much part of me wishes I were doing a masters first to get more experience under my belt.
  9. Its neat that someone on the board got a non generic rejection from penn.That’s rather thoughtful. I guess it might be somewhat common but I’ve personally never heard of that.
  10. I wonder if Princeton is going to pull a Stanford on us ; )
  11. Not Berkeley but I got an email from a faculty member/POI about setting up a time to talk. I feel kind of bad because my schedule is pretty limited due to work, but I did say that if they have a different availability that doesnt match mine that I can probably make it work. Does that sound ok?? I ran into the same problem when trying to schedule job interviews— the first available times I offer are around my work schedule on the off chance that it works out but I can still adapt.. anyway I feel kind of rude doing it regardless
  12. Princeton has not put out results on the board yet. i personally am assuming that no acceptance from Chicago by now means a rejection.
  13. Loving the posts about all of y’all refreshing gradcafe at work. Too relatable. I’m only waiting to hear back from Princeton (and Uchicago technically). I am guessing we will hear some results from Princeton by the end of the week, and the rest of the uchicago results at the end of next week.
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