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  1. I am really sorry to hear that! Yes, Receiving my masters had no direct connection to a sociology PhD program so I take a bit of comfort in that but I will say I am all the way done with this whole thing. I’m mad at everyone and I can’t even stand myself most of all. Ive moved away from Eurocentric behaviors I’ve known my whole life, suddenly replaced with consulting tarot, dissecting my natal chart, playing rogue games of “Mash,” and trying to tap into the power of my own soul. I’ve never wanted something so badly while simultaneously being this run done with anxiety. Smh. Which in a way make
  2. I have a paper due tomorrow... but they did me so dirty. To me its the equivalent of a breakup, but then still being required to finish out a lease with the same person who doesn't want you. I'm going to be so petulant in class tomorrow... ugh. I wish I was a better person.
  3. Was rejected by my own University today ( currently have a 4.0 at but in a different program for my masters, graduating this semester) but am still holding out for Yale's Africana/Sociology program. Congrats on all those who got in today!!!!!!
  4. I’m not sure how the programs work out, especially for those of us who are doing combined studies.
  5. I applied to the combined African American/Sociology program and I heard end of next week!
  6. This happened during my undergrad process. I was, for the first time in my life, someone other people wanted. I was noticed. I was accepted everywhere! The complete joy I felt I have yet to feel again, but surprisingly what came after I wasn’t prepared for. I couldn’t afford to go anywhere! I didnt have the parents or the no-how to figure out finances, loans etc as I was already working like a dog to save money... but nothing was ever enough. I hear what you’re saying overall and can’t imagine the struggle with a whole family in tow! But my god, like I had mentioned before, I can’t imagine the
  7. Oh my... the in-house fighting! Lets blame the Universities making us wait, allowing us to grow more and more anxious each day, turning against each other in the end. "The chaos." I do want to say as an all the time middleman/Switzerland that I am over-the-moon for those who are riding that wave of acceptance. And finding it hard, almost paralyzing to think about navigating the next steps, the overall challenge of your program, expectations and so forth. The stress involved, I'm sure, is not to be underestimated. A lot of us aren't there however, some of us won't ever get there, so of course I
  8. I told my work husband I am no longer allowed on grad cafe because it makes me crazy! He caught me on there this morning and threw highlighters at me (she says while checking site in ladies room).
  9. I too saw all the history admits... I said some kind of prayer after that! Is anyone going to NCBS???
  10. I have had sooo many temper tantrums. By nature I am impatient (I'm working on it) and incredibly anxious. Though I am not an international student (which I see a lot of people on this thread are) I just wanted to chime in and say I've been walking around feeling like the worst possible version of myself. Why does no one want me? On paper I've realized I'm not so amazing. I had no idea until I came to this site! I'm the top person in my masters program but also an older student because I took a ten year hiatus working like full blown Cappy and finishing a novel on the side. I wish we could all
  11. @DuBois & @ALieNNatioN .... I opened a special credit card just for this... worth it, but I wish I had known about this site before hand. A lot of support has been found here -a good resource with people far more intelligent than I (as far as educational endeavors go. HELLO GRE's, come take me demon). Perhaps forming a little over-the-next-few-months-to-get-our-sh*&t-together group?!? But hey, we've been able to see people who have been/are in our position get that notification that changed their lives... and to me that's priceless, motivating even. And maybe there is still hope!
  12. Vanderbilt and Albany sent out notifications of acceptances but crickets over here. It's like I don't exist -am I a ghost (I've asked this question far too often in life so far). What does this mean?
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