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  1. For the Yale admits, I was told there would be a visit day March 28-29!
  2. Hey friends, I'm going to Yale's 'diversity recruitment weekend'. Anyone else attending?
  3. Hey! Super helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write out your process.
  4. LOL IT WAS ONE! Just got admitted to the Yale program! folks check your portal
  5. hey ya'll, when I log on to my yale portal its look all weird and empty/nothing comes up! Not sure if this is indicating an impending status change or just a glitch, anyone else have this going on?
  6. Would you mind sharing what changed in your application or tactic? I know a lot of people on here would be interested!
  7. thank you for the info! this at least helps me relax ( a little ) until end of next week. and same here! solidarity ❤️
  8. Does anyone have any Yale intel? I know I keep asking I'm just perplexed it's taken this long to hear anything and it's one of my top choices...
  9. hi friends. shook we've heard nothing from Yale. congrats to the Princeton acceptance!
  10. i know this happens in other disciplines at Berkeley. My partner is in the English PhD and they know some students who have half the amount of the stipend they were allocated. Seems to be common practice in some departments.
  11. oh lordddddd thanks for the update. mine was "eh" as well, less rigorous and specific than I had hoped and prepared for. fingers crossed for us both.
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