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  1. I'm starting a sociology PhD in the fall!
  2. I’m glad that this application cycle is finally drawing to a close ... it’s been a lot of stress, but knowing other people have been going through it too has been helpful (at least for me). Best of luck to everyone, whether you’re starting a program in the fall or pursuing other opportunities!
  3. At what point to we reach out to places we haven’t heard from?
  4. Shoot ... thank you for letting me know, though! I just wish they’d tell me I was rejected instead of leaving my portal as “pending” 😂
  5. Has anyone heard anything recently from Ohio State? I know there were a bunch of acceptances around a month ago, but my portal status still has me as “pending”. Maybe it’s an implied rejection, but if anyone has any info I’d appreciate it!
  6. I know, it’s stressing me out too! Hopefully we’ll hear something soon!
  7. I’m in the same boat as you ... I’ve used different browsers, my laptop/phone, everything I can think of. I’m just going to keep trying every few hours and hope it clears up.
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