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  1. I didn't include papers or projects unless I had presented them somewhere (like a panel or conference at my university). I also didn't include my GPA and didn't think to, because the actual application will ask you for it. You could possibly include a "service" section which would include things you did for your university or college, i.e. leadership position in some sort of club or organization, served on a committee, tutored etc. I recommend taking a look at the CVs of current grad students at departments you want to apply to. Figure out when they were in undergrad and what they include from
  2. I would probably go with the one who knows you well, unless the other is truly a superstar. Maybe ask one of your current recommenders what they think? I asked one of my recommenders who else I should ask and got good advice about it.
  3. If you didn't explicitly ask for a LOR, you can't expect someone to know that's what you meant. Ask if they are comfortable with writing you a LOR. Maybe mention why you specifically asked this professor, reminding them about the class you took with them.
  4. Awesome funding for the location. 26k/year stipend for 6 years, supposedly not tied to TAing! While it probably won't rank high for many years, if ever, they are clearly interested in attracting good students which is a positive sign for the future. Placement concerns really depend on the specific faculty member you'd be working with. If there's someone you're interested in, see how their graduate students at their former institution did and how postdocs working with them at WUSTL did on the market.
  5. I also got a B in stats! Not all hope is lost. I did the Magoosh course ($180 I think) and bought basically every book but used the official GRE Quant one the most (the questions are hard so it's good practice). Ended up with a 158 Q which seemed to be good enough to get me into some t10 programs. You can do it!!!
  6. You have a chance, but it really depends on where you're applying. That's a low quant score for a t20. I'm sure its possible to make up for with other things, but from what I understand the GRE is basically used as a tool to weed out applications before they've even been read. What's important is making it past that first step. Have you taken the GRE more than once? I found the second time I did much better even though I hadn't studied much more. It's pricy to take more than once but certainly less expensive than a MA.
  7. It sounds like you're a great candidate, but the point of this reply is just to say that I took a gap year and am so happy I did. I wanted some time to rest, reflect, and travel and it seems like it's serving me well.
  8. From what I understand, the U.S. news ranking is considered the most important.
  9. The visit day is not until the 26th, so there probably won't be many decisions until then.
  10. One of my LOR writers also looked over my SOP several times, so I sent her a $10 tea sampler after applications were submitted. I plan on sending the other two a cool card (I got a set of "badass women" cards for Christmas) thanking them for their guidance over the years.
  11. Anybody have any thoughts on what they're wearing to visit days? How formal/casual are you thinking?
  12. Yes! Though I'm no expert, I thought I'd add my two cents. I got several acceptances, but my range of schools varied WIDELY in rank and fit was great at 8/9 of them. I applied to 1 school in the top 5, 1 school in the 5-10 range, 2 schools in the 11-15 range, 2 in the 15-25 range, and 3 in the 26-100 range. Was rejected at the top ranked one and one of the 11-15 ones. SOPs were tailored to each one in the bottom few paragraphs. I'll add that I did not attend a prestigious undergrad and my GRE scores were good, not stellar. Also, if it is helpful in any way, I would also be happy to look
  13. So people who have acceptances are not allowed to mention their stress or worry? I understand where you're coming from but that seems unfair.
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