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  1. socchi92

    Do I have a chance at a highly ranked Ph.D program?

    I also got a B in stats! Not all hope is lost. I did the Magoosh course ($180 I think) and bought basically every book but used the official GRE Quant one the most (the questions are hard so it's good practice). Ended up with a 158 Q which seemed to be good enough to get me into some t10 programs. You can do it!!!
  2. socchi92

    Do I have a chance at a highly ranked Ph.D program?

    You have a chance, but it really depends on where you're applying. That's a low quant score for a t20. I'm sure its possible to make up for with other things, but from what I understand the GRE is basically used as a tool to weed out applications before they've even been read. What's important is making it past that first step. Have you taken the GRE more than once? I found the second time I did much better even though I hadn't studied much more. It's pricy to take more than once but certainly less expensive than a MA.
  3. socchi92

    Should I Apply or Take a Gap Year

    It sounds like you're a great candidate, but the point of this reply is just to say that I took a gap year and am so happy I did. I wanted some time to rest, reflect, and travel and it seems like it's serving me well.
  4. socchi92

    Program Rankings

    From what I understand, the U.S. news ranking is considered the most important.
  5. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    The visit day is not until the 26th, so there probably won't be many decisions until then.
  6. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    It's just a habit now
  7. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    One of my LOR writers also looked over my SOP several times, so I sent her a $10 tea sampler after applications were submitted. I plan on sending the other two a cool card (I got a set of "badass women" cards for Christmas) thanking them for their guidance over the years.
  8. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Anybody have any thoughts on what they're wearing to visit days? How formal/casual are you thinking?
  9. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Congratulations ❤️
  10. socchi92

    No acceptances so far..

    Yes! Though I'm no expert, I thought I'd add my two cents. I got several acceptances, but my range of schools varied WIDELY in rank and fit was great at 8/9 of them. I applied to 1 school in the top 5, 1 school in the 5-10 range, 2 schools in the 11-15 range, 2 in the 15-25 range, and 3 in the 26-100 range. Was rejected at the top ranked one and one of the 11-15 ones. SOPs were tailored to each one in the bottom few paragraphs. I'll add that I did not attend a prestigious undergrad and my GRE scores were good, not stellar. Also, if it is helpful in any way, I would also be happy to look over SOPs for future applicants. Again, I'm no expert, but if you want another perspective on it, DM me any time. I also have been writing down some of the things I learned about this process. I don't want to bore you all here, but if anyone would like them, just let me know and we can chat.
  11. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    So people who have acceptances are not allowed to mention their stress or worry? I understand where you're coming from but that seems unfair.
  12. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    There are struggles at all parts of this process! Choosing where to attend can have major life-altering consequences. I feel you @jriveracal and I'm also here to commiserate with everyone after being rejected by my dream school today.
  13. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Same! Super excited to be done, though.
  14. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    One thing to note is a person is not necessarily getting 40k per year if they inputted 40k, it could be just 40k for one year, including summer and external fellowships. Other years they could be getting less (or more).
  15. socchi92

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Email current grad students there. Ask if any are willing to talk on the phone with you.

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