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  1. I think it depends on your relationship with them, but I think a small gift is always appropriate (though not expected)! It's super kind of you to be thinking of them with gratitude I'm very close with my letter writers. I took one of them to a pinball arcade. For my other letter writer, I donated to a nonprofit that he really loves (Homeboy Industries). For the third, I got him a HydroFlask and wrote him a tongue in cheek card about how he doesn't have to use disposable cups anymore. I think most people will just be happy that you're considering them and the effort they put in to help you.
  2. What do you all plan on wearing? Are recruitment events formal?
  3. Has anyone accepted at Berkeley gotten any emails from faculty or grad students there? I received my acceptance letter and info about the visit weekend from Amie Acik, their graduate coordinator, but I haven't gotten emails from anyone else. I would love an opportunity to chat with a faculty member or two, if they have time.
  4. @GenreTrouble sorry to hear that. i know it sucks to get that far along in the process and not make it all the way through. i'm sending virtual hugs to you.
  5. I wonder if someone were trolling what the motive would be? It isn't very funny and no one gets anything out of it. Doesn't make sense to me. Nonetheless, here's to hoping everyone's valentine is an acceptance letter ❤️
  6. Thanks so much for sharing and CONGRATS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE!!!!!!! What an accomplishment 💕
  7. @tobe_newbee I’m not entirely sure but best of luck to you! I hope you find and get accepted to a program that suits you better
  8. Yes totally agree here. I was really fortunate to be on the hiring committee at my undergrad institution. We got 162 applications for one tenure track job. If anyone is interested in how we picked out who to hire, let me know. I’m happy to talk more about the process if it could be useful for anyone but don’t want to blabber on if people already know
  9. Best of luck to you in being admitted this cycle 💕💕💕 if you don’t get in to your top schools, what do you think you could do to make your app tangibly stronger? Obviously I’m not an expert at all, but I was advised to go to a middle tier school over re-applying if I didn’t get in to my top choice. Incredible sociologists come from all schools! I know a lot of people who didn’t go to brand name schools but are still teaching at R1 institutions and are leading experts in their niche areas. Basically I agree that it’s just not worth the stress/anxiety/effort/time/money to wait for a higher acceptance
  10. Congrats to you!!!! So good that people are getting accepted to their top programs. I’m so happy for all of us Berkeley and Stanford are mine and I was also accepted at both. Totally unexpected
  11. Thank you. I was really lucky to get a fee waiver. What schools did you apply to?
  12. @jriveracal Congrats!!!!!!!!!! So so so so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌
  13. Just got an email from Stanford. I’m in! Literally can barely process this after such an anxiety induced application cycle
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