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  1. I got waitlisted by BC 2 weeks ago but I rejected their waitlist as I accepted another offer
  2. I believe Harvard sent all admits and waitlists for all of the subfields. Only the rejections did not come.
  3. I still did not receive anything from Harvard...
  4. I had one like that, as well. I was sitting in a classroom at Harvard and listening to a class on Marx, Weber, etc. But, I am 99.9% sure that I got rejected
  5. Does anyone get their rejection letter from Harvard? I had a dream about it last night but my mailbox is empty
  6. I did not write Harvard yet, I am waiting them to e-mail to me to check the portal but did not get anything yet. I assume rejection anyway so...
  7. At Harvard, DGS does not reply, as well. The last time e-mailed them to get more info about the program, I wrote to DGS, but the administrative assistant got back to my e-mail.
  8. As an international student, I am planning to bring things from my home country via my family so I can give it to my recommenders who supported me in the whole process. Without them, I could not get into anywhere.
  9. He/She stated that she/he e-mailed the administrative person at Harvard
  10. It is a telemarketer... I called it back... Sad
  11. I got a call from a Cambridge, MA number but could not catch it. The last time this happened, it was the utility companies or telemarketers... So I will wait my official rejection e-mail
  12. As I did not get the call for Harvard, I can accept my other offer with joy Congrats to everyone who got accepted!
  13. I will be attending a school which may be around 50-60, and the pure reason is the fit. I don't think I can find a better fit than this in any of the schools in the US. Also, this school certainly places people to tenure-track positions and have an academic focus. So, there is nothing like if you don't go to T-5 school, you will be unemployed. If it was like that, only 50 people might have been doing Ph.D.s as T-5 programs accept that much in total.
  14. Let me tell you a sadder thing, I don’t even get shortlisted for the sociology program. The official rejects did not come yet but I was told that if I was not interviewed, I had been rejected. The thing is I had great relationship with the professors (including DGS) and I am currently working on a prestigious project with these professors. They always said that how they want me to stay and continue to be on the project. At the end, I did not even get shortlisted.
  15. Brown is super extra good at theory
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