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  1. You are probably correct all things equal. UNC is a better department with more resources. Plus you have Duke right there. It's the better place to go if you have no idea which school to choose. But Theory has a terrible job market. It is all individual relationships and networks of similar minded people. Consequently if you want to do something specific like a deliberative democracy + comparative political theory dissertation, UVA might be the better choice. If you still only have a vague idea about what you want to do then yeah just go to UNC.
  2. I think it probably boils down to what your research interests are and who you think you might be working under as your POI.
  3. Don't worry too much about it. Not sure if you've worked a hardcore job before but you tend to get hundreds of emails every day. So you learn to put 2 seconds of thought into each email. I'd be really surprised if they put enough thought into your email to actually get annoyed, let alone remember it an hour later.
  4. Looks like my cycle is done! Nice to have it over with. I have found applications more difficult and stressful than any of the actual work I've done both inside and outside academia. One nagging little worry pops up now that I'm finished; probably really dumb but now I wonder if I'm the only one to think of it -- Our academic subfields are pretty small, so I wonder if what we've included in these files will effect our career prospects down the road. Anyway, congratulations to all the lucky people with choices (and with some of you so darn many!). To those who had a bad cycle: Don't lose hope! Keep working at it! It's all a stupid crapshoot anyway.
  5. Since it's a telemarketer and they're now officially trolling you I think it's only fair that you should start ringing them up all hours of the day and try to sell them on your prospective dissertation. Gotta fund grad school somehow.
  6. Someone just claimed an acceptance to Columbia on the main site....is it finally happening??
  7. Haha, that's cool, the application process can be so grueling some times. 😅 I just know that USC let's you do a customized field, at least for comps (e.g. Human Rights), so I thought maybe you snuck through some inter-sub-disciplinary theory app which would have been amazing. Anyway....seeing as it's a weekend and all....honestly I'd love to hear if you or anyone has any random thoughts on theory, either via this thread or through PM. Definitely feels under-discussed on this board.
  8. Does USC offer Theory?
  9. Are UCSD acceptances all out now? Anyone willing to claim a UCSD theory admit (only sub-field I don't see represented...)? Heartfelt congratulations to everyone who received acceptances today! UNC, UCSD, Minnesota, UMass-Amherst....these are all fantastic schools and departments where anyone should feel really proud to attend.
  10. I don't want to discourage any ND theory applicants but my impression is that it's one of the (luckily few) schools where nobody gets admitted without an interview. Though hopefully I'm wrong!
  11. Well at the risk of being a tad obnoxious by giving you a second piece of advice outside of your parameters, I think you might want to consider trying the Economist's GRE Prep online as an intermediate solution between doing a book by yourself and shelling out $1000s for tutoring. I say this just because I think the time and energy might be put to better use in trying to work on your Statement of Purpose and Writing Sample, and really all you need to do is get your GRE scores to an acceptable level. If you're disappointed about how things have worked out this app cycle and are thinking about applying again next year, the most important bit of advice IMO is this: make sure to take time to really decompress, enjoy yourself, and get out of the application mindset between the end of the first and second cycle.
  12. Anyone willing to claim the Notre Dame admit? / Shed any info relevant to sub-field, interview process, etc.? Wow, fantastic job with that! I really thought NW had sent out all their acceptance letters.
  13. Yeah me too!! It feels like right now there are a lot of great programs where it wouldn't be surprising to hear back from them at any moment (Duke; UC- LA/SD/Davis) but it also seems possible that we might not hear anything for a week or more. It's nerve-racking!
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