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  1. I would if I hadn't booked the ticket and arranged everything with the faculty. The problem is I knew I got another offer only after I arranged the school visit with them.
  2. How would you guys interact with the faculty / students if you’re more or less sure that you won’t end up going there?
  3. I think two things mattered to me in this cycle: faculty fit and an a DGS who knows and cites my letter writers.
  4. I am juggling between Cornell, Wisconsin-Madison, and Emory - and most likely going to Cornell. It's interesting because I find that the U.S. News ranking ranks Madison higher than Cornell. Every prof I talked to says Cornell is better though.
  5. Yes, all my letter writers did their PhD in the U.S.. I did my undergrad at an Asian university which fortunately has enough professors from the States to provide the kind of training that U.S. universities are accustomed to (which is really quantitative training). It's almost a fact that people on U.S. PhD committees know very little about foreign universities, despite the large number of international applicants. That's why having letter writers who can testify your performance using vocabularies that Americans understand is so important.
  6. Applied 11 schools, got into 2 T20 programs and 1 T10 program this cycle (IR, international applicant). Two takeaways I got from my experience which I believe mattered to my application, for future applicants' reference: Letters written by people whom the DGS / POI know and cite. Two of my accepted schools have people who definitely know my letter writer. A writing sample that hits the main research interests (in my case, also the methods) of the DGS / POI. Obviously my case is singular and there could be millions of other factors that mattered. Perhaps more people can share an
  7. Just emailed Harvard and they replied in minutes telling me my result (rejected). They also said "Notifications are being sent just now by the Graduate School Admissions Office." So my fellow applicants to Harvard - it's time to check your mailbox every 5 seconds.
  8. There's a Harvard rejection in the results. Did they start sending rejection emails?
  9. Many schools would be happy to host you another time before 15 April. Obviously there are things in a visitation event that you would miss, but it's still possible for you to meet faculty, students, etc., which are probably more important!
  10. Are any of you receiving your Harvard calls outside the United States? I'm only down to Harvard and I really hope to get closure, so I can focus on my acceptances.
  11. If you have the time and resources, retake your GRE to boost your quant score. It's becoming less important (I got into one of your targeted programs with a quant score way lower than yours) but just from this post, this looks like a weak spot.
  12. Those of you who applied Stanford - go check your application portal. Just like some other people on the results page I found a rejection letter sitting there. Hope you guys would find an acceptance though! Didn't even bother to send us a generic rejection email, eh?
  13. Claiming Cornell as well for IR subfield. Got an email from DGS, and formal letter of acceptance with funding details will come later. Super happy - I didn't even think I have a chance at Cornell!
  14. On a rather different note - how do you guys define 'low' funding? Say - 5 years of guaranteed funding with $20,000 each year - is that considered low? Sorry if I asked a stupid question, I'm new to this
  15. Assuming UW means Madison (sorry if I'm wrong) - I got that today as well, plus a semi-generic email from one of my faculty members of interest. Funding is pretty thin tho. Also claiming an IR acceptance from Emory.
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