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  1. Congrats to Harvard and UPenn admits! Guessing Harvard's done announcing then?
  2. Oh sorry to hear that. Well you've got some great acceptances!
  3. There are multiple Harvard entries at the results board from the past few days. If they're trolls or not, I have no idea.
  4. Guessing Yale admits are all out with almost no hope remaining there. I am happy with the Northwestern admit, though a bit concerned about living in Evanston. Really wanted Columbia or Yale though..gotta live with it!
  5. Thanks a lot! Of course, no need to say sorry!
  6. Yep they had said that. They're quite bad with the apps, you're right!
  7. Thanks a lot! Last question--would it make sense to email the DGS?
  8. 'Will receive' means not everyone has received info yet?
  9. Columbia rejections are out on the application management website, where you sent in the app
  10. Congrats Yale people and everyone! With no news from Yale, I'm getting less and less hopeful..
  11. jane4jane4

    Evanston, IL

    Hello everyone, Could we revive this topic for incoming Northwestern students? Do most NU PhDs live in Evanston? Would it make sense to live in downtown Chicago? Would also love to learn more about safety in Evanston and Chicago at large. Thanks!
  12. Same here. There seems to be lots of room for improvement in those realms. How do you feel about the location, IRTheoryNerd? And rankings? These are my two concerns, to be honest.
  13. I unfortunately won't be able to, because I am living abroad at the moment. I heard from many that the department at Northwestern has a leftist/constructivist direction. Anyone can speak about that?
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