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  1. Hi, all. Congratulations on getting your applications in and all that jazz. I know now is the most difficult part -- the waiting. Try to breathe and take a break; don't think about it! I know that's easier said than done, but you likely won't be hearing back from anybody until the end of this month and into February. Remember, you've done all you can and re-reading your SoPs and other application materials won't make time go by any faster.
  2. I would still stand by the statement that political science departments in the U.S. don't do postcolonial theory. This doesn't mean an individual within a department doesn't utilize it. (I still think going an anthropology/sociology route would be better if intent to stay in the U.S.) (This doesn't mean that I wouldn't have loved the opportunity to work with P.J. Brendese at Hopkins.)
  3. To second @Comparativist's comment about being strategic when declaring your subfield... be mindful of the programs to which you are applying, too, if you straddle subfields. If, for instance, you applied to a program very strong in IR, you may have to compete with a number of other IR applicants. It is possible that applying as CP could provide a bit more wiggle room, especially if they have any sort of quota for an incoming cohort in regards to numbers and subfield. I had a professor suggest that I apply to some programs as political theory rather than IR... and I didn't listen, but it did w
  4. Sorry to hijack your thread, too... but in case anybody takes a look at this thread: I am looking for one or two roommates interested in sharing a house in Beechwold/north Clintonville. (Have the house, need roommate(s).) If you're interested in more information, shoot me a PM.
  5. I know we hear "quantitative, quantitative, quantitative", but I think it also has a lot to do with the programs to which you are applying and what you are hoping to do research-wise. I have a very weak quantitative background (and a worse Q GRE than you), but I don't anticipate pursuing much quantitative research, and I made my research interests (and methodological interests) fairly clear throughout my application. It really depends on what you are hoping to do, and whether or not you need to demonstrate that you can do that work if it is necessary for the research projects that you want to
  6. Hi there! I'll be headed to OSU for Fall 2017, too. I'm a domestic student, starting my PhD in Political Science. I'm actually headed to Columbus this weekend to look for housing. I'm not sure it will all sink in until I'm actually there, though, come August.
  7. From what I've heard, experienced, and observed, I will say that GWU is fairly well thought of and quite competitive, despite being ranked #40. From what I've heard and observed, the symbolic and cultural capital, including the networking potential there, makes it an odd case for a non-T30 school.
  8. Your best bet might be to look outside of the U.S. academy but you might also need to consider a discipline change if you want to pursue postcolonial studies (even in the context of IR/polisci).
  9. April 15 is right around the corner. And I am pleased to say that I just formally accepted an offer this morning (and rejected one, so hopefully that clears up a spot for somebody on the waitlist). It still hasn't sunk in yet.
  10. I just wanted to make a post again here... if you've been accepted to Ohio State and don't intend to attend, please let them know as soon as possible. I've been waitlisted for funding and would very much like to go there. (I am also waiting to hear from Georgetown, still.)
  11. It is the weekend. I'd give him a bit more time to respond.
  12. BFB said the end of February would be likely, so I'm expecting it soon. Just wasn't sure if the info came out and I wasn't yet aware.
  13. I second this question. @correlatesoftheory, your signature notes $ from OSU? Have you received official word?
  14. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Mid-tier private liberal arts university Major(s)/Minor(s): International relations and cultural anthropology; certificate in international studies Undergrad GPA: 4.0, Magna cum laude, honors in both departments Type of Grad: N/A but did take two graduate-level courses during UG Grad GPA: 4.0 GRE: 162V | 155Q | 5.5AW Any Special Courses: qualitative methods; research methods in political science; self-designed independent reading course Letters of Recommendation: mixture of UG tenure-track professors (always 2 IR [1 tenured] and 1 anthro) Research Experi
  15. Is anybody else waiting to hear from Syracuse? I sent an email to the graduate school on Thursday inquiring about when results might be sent out, but I haven't heard anything yet.
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