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  1. You are very welcome. Not committed yet, as I am still waiting for Toronto. It seems they will send second round of application in April, but I am not sure whether I am on their list. I tried to inquire about my status last week via email but I have not heard back from them. 😂
  2. Yes, I received phone call/interview in January, and received the phone call of notification from my potential advisor at BU on Feb. 18. On Feb. 19, I received the official letter. I hope the information I provided helps.
  3. I think you might forget to mention the significance of Dr. Pepper as well.😜
  4. I feel you my friend. Waiting for uncertainty of the future kills me. Wish you the best luck. I try to stay away from this forum as much as possible and make a fixed rules to check emails only twice a day. May I ask what programs you applied?
  5. OMG! Finally, I get admitted from the waitlist of Boston College! So pumped and thrilled! Will anyone attend BC this coming fall?
  6. For the possibility of getting off two waitlists.
  7. This thread has been quiet this week. Three more weeks to wrap up my circle. Painfully waiting...
  8. Good luck! This waiting seems endless and is totally out of our control.
  9. Hi Stella2016! I tried to leave you a message and reply you during the weekend, but this website seemed not working. I contacted the DGS at Boston College on March 9th, and he replied me next day that I was rejected from Ph.D. program but accepted in MA program. Also, he also told me I had an option to put myself on the waitlist if I do not want to come to their MA program. I did receive a mail from Boston college with the MA admission letter last Wednesday. That is my story. Wish you best luck!
  10. Anyone on the wait list of Boston College? Sigh. Another month of waiting...
  11. Is anyone still waiting for USC? What's wrong with them? The DGS does not respond any email I wrote......
  12. Sigh. The long waiting is killing me...Good luck!
  13. Does anyone hear back from USC, Boston University and University of Virginia?
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