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  1. Tell me about it! I'm mostly done with everything but it still feels like I'm doing this for someone else, not myself. Do tell me about your impressions of the campus and the area in general
  2. Hey y'all! Seeing no one started a thread, I wanted to see who's coming down to OSU this fall. I'm an international student to start my PhD in Learning technologies. How are your preparations coming along?
  3. Two friends used QDAMiner and MAXQDA for their thesis work. They were both happy with them.
  4. Hello again thelionking, Not to shock you or anything but we don't speak Arabic here our official language is Turkish and many of my international friends (American, British, Russian...) learned the basics in a couple of months. We LOVE teaching Turkish to internationals and you'll be hearing a lot of it anyway. All people in your workplace will be speaking English fluently as well, so no worries there. I'm in touch with one of them but as he's in China (and well, Facebook is banned over there) there is a lag in our communication but I can ask some questions for you when I get a hold of him. The airfare and accommodation is really dependent on your contract but I hear most universities cover relocation and give you an additional fund (not too much but still goes a long way) for housing. You get paid here over summer as well and two years ago the salary for internationals in my university was $2000 per month (which makes $48000 per year for you). Once you have your working permit here, the school pays for your insurance as well. At least it's like that in most places I've heard of. You'll also find that if you do decide to come here and go to Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir (three major cities in Turkey) we have a much more urban lifestyle going on the districts in these cities are a whole other story though! If i can provide any additional info, pm me
  5. Forgot to mention: also we regularly have Canadian co-op students from Waterloo for our conversation classes/extracurricular clubs in my workplace
  6. Hey there, I'm from Turkey and in the university I work we've had a couple of Americans work for us (three of them still do). Depending on the universities you apply, having a master's in humanities might not matter. The good thing about Turkey is that because of the massive (i mean, in my opinion) currency difference ( $1 = 3.64TL ) you can lead a reeeeally comfortable life and still be able to pay your debts. That's what two of my American friends did anyway. Again, it depends on the policy of the school, but in my university, natives are paid in US dollars. The headscarf thing does not apply for Turkey so don't worry about that the city mentioned here is Ankara (the capital). If you're looking to work for universities I would recommend checking out Middle East Technical University (public) and Bilkent University (private) (they're both very reputable and seek out natives often). Bilkent also has a K-12 school called BLIS. Those are highly international universities/schools and they do help with relocation and accommodation. After my friends were done in Turkey, they moved to China, and they say they're having a good time there - although one of them fell pretty hard for Turkey and had a hard time adapting to China in the first couple of months (i guess our food, customs and stuff are easier to get used to) There is also another friend in Korea (she's Turkish, married to an American) They say it's also quite nice. They work for the Incheon campus of the University of Utah though. Hope these give some ideas!
  7. Congrats @catsbloom! The thread has been quiet lately. Hit us with news people!
  8. Personally, I've been going through a similar situation. I'd say it all comes down to what you prioritize in a school. It was primarily the matter of advisors for me. To my luck (or the lack thereof), my communication with my POIs were both really great. Ruling that out, I moved on to other things. Location was initially a concern for me too, but then I meditated on this for a while. Just forgot that I had offers, and started from scratch on a piece of paper. What was I looking for in a program? Opportunities that would come with the school (or the person/people I'd be working with), faculty research activity (as in how active they were in publishing/presenting/doing project work), the flexibility of the curriculum (some schools mandate A LOT of things), classes offered, the duration/amount of funding I'd receive, what the alumni were doing were some of the things i considered. After I made this pros/cons list, it came down to how excited and productive I'd be to pursue a degree in a particular school. My conclusion was that there was no point in going to a school just because of the location if I was going to bum myself out at the end of first semester (I'm going to move to another continent after all!) Also, I've read lots of "prestigious school vs the lower-ranked but great school" dilemmas in this forum That being said, i don't think many of us are in your exact position, and location might be a really important factor in your decision but still... Here's my two cents. Hope this helps consider some things!
  9. I'm not exactly sure how things work in the US (or where you're from) but do you mean taking up another bachelor's in teaching? I'm only asking since getting a master's in teaching won't cut it in several countries. If that's the case, maybe you should look into licensure programs rather than a master's. Not "the top" program per se, but I've come across with this some time ago: Stanford has an initiative that you might wanna check out: https://ed.stanford.edu/step/about
  10. Hey guys, Are there any (especially international but any info is appreciated) here who plans on going to OSU? Have you guys heard anything official on your funding? Thanks!
  11. Got an email on Monday from IU Bloomington and it's a yes! I haven't applied to any assistantships yet but will do it this week. I also had an interview with a center at the Ohio State yesterday for an assistantship, and they offered me one. And with that, I close the application season. Good luck to eveyone who's still waiting for their results! If you have any questions (now or in the future) regarding IU and Ohio State (don't have much of an interaction with UT although I got accepted), I'd be more than happy to answer them!
  12. If you're talking specifically for Peabody, that might be the case. On the other hand, while I had my interview with OSU in the first week of January, my interview with IU was just last week! It could still happen. Maybe stalk the school-specific threads a little?
  13. Nope. Not only did they not mention anything about funding in my offer, after my relentless questions to the department (they do not have the habit of replying promptly), I found out that they are not gonna offer me any. Let me give you a direct quote from the reply I got: "All students who submitted their applications by Nov. 1 have been considered for any fellowships the department has. Unfortunately, we do not have any to offer at this point. However, once you are here, you will find there are often many opportunities available especially for those who have technology skills. There are also TA opportunities for those with US K-12 teaching experiences." I'm an international student, and naturally I have no K-12 experience in the US. So, it'll be a hard pass on UT from me. To anyone accepted from Ohio State or Indiana Bloomington (especially international students): Did you hear any word on funding? Thanks in advance!
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