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  1. I had a talk with their program coordinator. She said they are still reviewing some of the applications. And they conduct interviews through the first week of March. So they there's still some hope!
  2. Yeah. I hope so too! Good luck for your Skype interview
  3. OMG! Congrats. And I guess they review applications on a rolling basis. My application was completed in the last week of December. I wonder if thats a problem. When did you apply?
  4. I emailed UChicago(Immuno). They said they are still reviewing the applications and expect to send decisions from early Feb to late March.
  5. Check out Buffalo's Biomedical Sciences Program. Here's the link.. And then there is Virginia Tech's TMBH program, kinda new so underrrated but it has some great professors. And here you go..
  6. Anyone here has applied to Buffalo's Biomedical Sciences program?
  7. I know, right. Hell man! And nothing's gonna happen during this break. I am hoping that things are better at least in January
  8. That's exactly my situation too. I am kind of losing hopes now.
  9. Yeah that's true. I wasn't expecting anything before Jan. But after having come across this website, I've become anxious like shit. I don't really have that great of a profile. However, having no interviews was something I didn't expect. Well, it's not the end of the world. Let's see. Good luck for all your interviews.
  10. Oh Ok. I guess I'll just call. Whatever happens, happens. Thanks!
  11. To ask them about the status of the application. I mean not like the director, more like a staff person handling graduate school admissions.
  12. Crap! This is not good. Do you think emailing the program coordinator will be the right thing to do? Or maybe, I should wait. I just want to make I am not being hopeful when I don't really have any chances.
  13. Wait, so Harvard BBS is done sending out all the invites?
  14. Yeah! That could be the reason. To state some of the programs I've applied to, Harvard BBS, UCLA Biosciences, UChicago Biosciences, Virginia Tech TBMH, Buffalo's and Colorado's Biomedical Sciences, and few more. Keeping yourself motivated during this wait process is one of the most difficult things, I guess!