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  1. I am currently in a Ph.D. program at a public university that offers an assistantship with a stipend and tuition wavier. I was recently thinking because my university is considered a non-profit, I may qualify for years towards the loan forgiveness program (towards loans during my undergrad). My question is do universities usually consider Ph.D. students on assistantships with stipend and tuition waivers as employees or students? This would determine if I would be eligible for the loan forgiveness program I mentioned earlier. Has anyone tried to take advantage of this s
  2. I would email them letting them know that you will be on campus, this way on the off chance that you don't get the chance to meet with them during the interview process, you could set up another time. On the flip side, if the professor is very interested in speaking with you they can request that they meet with you during the interview process.
  3. I'm not sure what program you are applying to, if it is a science, you can email with questions about previous research they have conducted. You have to remember that professors are very very busy, they do not have time to answer every email from applicants, so if you do not get a response, do not take it personally.
  4. It will not impact your admissions decision if you tell school B that you need an alternative interview date. Schools understand that you may have commitments that you cannot back out of. This is the reason that schools offer ~4-5 interview weekends. My advice, take both interviews and ask school B if there is an alternative weekend that you can visit.
  5. I do not attend any of the schools you have in your signature. If UNC is a top choice accept it, then if someone else invites you, tell them you already have an interview scheduled for that weekend and if there is an alternative weekend that would work. Every school that I interviewed with had no problem with me attending a different interview if I had a conflict.
  6. Best chance of finding out is asking on here. I would accept any schools that you are interested in, then worry about other interviews. Most schools have ~4-5 interview weekends, most of the time they can just bump you to another weekend. I thought the same thing when I was applying but you don't want to miss out on an interview at a school that you are super interested in.
  7. I can tell you from my interviews that I met with many different people including the program director. However, part of my interview was with faculty that I chose. I would side with the above comment that if you are interested in finding out, those are some of the questions that you could ask.
  8. What about at a school that someone got waitlisted at? When would be an appropriate follow up time?
  9. What does it mean to be waitlisted before an interview? Will I be waiting until after April 15th to hear about my application? I was just wait listed without an interview and I am a bit unsure what that exactly means or how that process works? Anyone in this situation?
  10. I heard from the professor. I ended up applying. We will see how it goes.
  11. Is it worth it to submit a last minute application? I found another school I am interested in that does not have their application deadline until Feb 15th. Is it worth it to submit an application? I have sent a prospective advisor an email and am waiting to hear back.
  12. Generic Rejection Letter from Pitt-IBGP, no surprise, no interview
  13. Ok guys, I have a questions. I got an interview from a school (call it school A) that I am interested in, however, through searching the forum a school (Call it school B ) higher on my list is planning an interview weekend on the same weekend. I have yet to be invited to school B interview weekend, but its a month away. Should I accept the interview at school A and worry about having to reschedule the interviews when it happens? Would it be appropriate to call school B and explain the situation. If push comes to shove, I would rather interview at school B than school A.
  14. That's what mine says. The school said more invites are going out. Still 2 more interview dates.
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